I watched Trump’s Phoenix rally last night on FB and then I listened to it again on FOX News ’cause the speech was his best he ever had!!!!

Last night, I watched President Trump’s Phoenix rally. I watched it twice actually. Watched it live on the internet on FB and then I re-watched it again on the FOX News Channel. That was Trump’s best since he announced his presidential campaign last year.

What I loved about last night’s speech was that Trump put the media on notice. Trump was fucking pissed last night, though. I’ve never seen him that upset but I can understand him ’cause the media really is driving him up the wall. Trump is getting frustrated so he couldn’t help himself but go on a rant. It was a great speech… I loved his rant against the media. He really called out the MSM over their claims of being late on condemning the violence by the white supremacists. Media claimed he was late on it but he wasn’t and he proved that last night. Trump not only condemned the white supremacist, he condemned all sides including the KKK, neonazis and Antifa. The media clearly didn’t like him condemning KKK, neonazis and Antifa, though.

Can you see how corrupt and dishonest the Fake News MSM is now? Last night’s rally should have been good enough to show how corrupt the MSM is right now. I mean, the media kept turning the cameras off each time Trump told the truth about them. They turned the cameras off ’cause they were afraid of losing viewers, I bet.

Once again, I’ve never seen Trump that mad which was amazing to see. That’s okay though ’cause the media deserved that verbal beatdown by Trump last night. It was beautiful to see.

My question is if the media hates Trump rallies so much then why do they go to them all? Hmmmmm, oh that’s right, they’re just doing their jobs… doing what they’re told to do but who is telling them what to do? Somebody is definitely paying them and all and I’m betting they’re all under the Soros payroll, wouldn’t surprise me.

Anyway, Trump’s speech was so good ’cause he talked about a lot of other stuff than the media. Trump talked about improving the lives of the middle class which was special. He also talked about that he is going to pardon Sheriff Joe which was awesome. He of course, talked about Obamacare and he called out John McCain without mentioning his name, instead Trump was saying “One Vote Away on Obamacare” and we knew who he was referring to.

Trump seems to be loving giving speeches. You can tell that he loves it ’cause he gave so much speeches ever since he first announced his candidacy. I try to watch all of Trump’s speeches but it’s hard to catch up, lol, he does so many but last night the Phoenix rally was the best he’s ever done. He was on fire last night for sure. Yep, the Trump base is getting bigger and last night’s rally proved that. Trump also says that the Wall is still gonna happen and I believe it will.

It should be an easy win for the re-election in 2020 for sure, mark my words. I’m glad I got on the Trump Train and glad I support him. I knew he was the right guy. I don’t regret supporting Trump at all. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. I’ll gladly vote for him again in 2020 ’cause he’s doing a great job so far.


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