10 reasons why you should enjoy watching professional wrestling…

In celebration of Vince McMahon’s birthday, I said I would make a post like this so here we go.

Yeah, I know the wrestling business gets all kinds of negative criticism by people over the years. The professional wrestling business is a thing that you either love or hate. Many still don’t like the wrestling industry for a few reasons… first of all, they don’t like it ’cause it’s fake and all. Yeah I know wrestling is fake; I just watch it ’cause it’s fun. Secondly, many thinks it’s kind of gay to watch half naked dudes all over each other. Thirdly, many don’t watch it ’cause wrestling can get dark & controversial at times and lastly, many don’t watch it ’cause of the scantly clad women in professional wrestling (like women showing too much skin and too much cleavage, WWE doesn’t show that stuff with women anymore but they did in the past).

One more reason, I forgot to name that people don’t like wrestling is ’cause of all the wrestler deaths over the drugs and stuff and especially the Chris Benoit tragedy.

10 reasons to enjoy professional wrestling is here:

  • Pro wrestling is like theatre almost: Wrestling really is like theatre almost. A lot of wrestling shows are pretty theatrical. The ring-entrances and the storylines. All that is acting kind of like a theatre play. That’s exactly what pro wrestling is.
  • Wrestling matches can be entertaining and fun to watch: People think it’s gay to watch half naked dudes get all over each other? Please! It took many years of training to get where they are today. They don’t become pros over night. If you actually watch a wrestling match, they can be a blast to watch. Don’t knock it until you see it for yourself.
  • Wrestling is like a TV soap opera or a movie: I know a lot of you like to watch TV shows and movies well professional wrestling is kind of like the same thing technically. You can enjoy watching wrestling just like you do with TV shows and movies.
  • Wrestlers can deliver fun promos (or speeches in the ring): In wrestling, you not only have to have the good wrestling skills, you also gotta have good speaking skills. Gotta have the good speaking skills to entertain a crowd and many wrestlers do deliver great promos over the years.
  • Wrestlers work hard to entertain people around the world: People should respect the wrestling business for this reason ’cause companies like the WWE and TNA really do work hard to entertain people. They took a lot of sacrifices to do what they do. They do it ’cause they love it. How can you not be proud of them for that? Instead they get criticized for trying to put smiles on people’s faces which is what they do it for. These guys are always on the road year-round, travelling and performing shows all over. Pretty ballsy what they do.
  • Wrestling are perfect to take your kids to watch live shows: I remember getting into wrestling when I was kid in the 80’s and 90’s. Still am loyal to pro wrestling today. I never grew out of it. You should respect the wrestling business ’cause they provide entertainment for young children and that’s another reason they’re here for. You never watched pro wrestling in your life? Take your kids to a wrestling show and you would be surprised to see how much fun they’re having.
  • Being a part of the wrestling community and fanbase is a cool thing: Another cool thing about enjoying wrestling is ’cause well, the fanbase and wrestling community on the internet and in the real world. There are wrestling fanatics all over the place and I enjoy talking about “wrestling” with other fans. The wrestling community is the best part about it; however, though… I enjoy talking wrestling with the “smart fans” more. Talking with the “marks” is annoying ’cause they believe wrestling is real. Finding “smart fans” is tough but they’re out there.
  • The wrestling characters & gimmicks: This is the best part of the wrestling business is all the characters & gimmicks the business created over the years most notably… stars like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, etc. There are a lot of new recognizable stars today like Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, etc. It’s the characters and gimmicks that keep wrestling fun.
  • Wrestlers are likeable people in real life: In the ring, wrestlers maybe playing good guys & bad guys but out of the ring, they’re just regular people like us. A lot of wrestlers are very nice, down to earth and good with the fans ’cause why? The answer is simple really… wrestlers are very good with people and fans ’cause that’s why they do what they do. They perform for us. They perform to make us happy. That alone is worthy enough to support the wrestling business ’cause they love people.

Well, that’s about all I could think. Hope you enjoy the read.


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