RIP WWE Network… 2014 – 2021…

Welp, looks like I’m gonna have to sign up for the Peacock NBC streaming service real soon ’cause the WWE Network is shutting down later this month and moving to Peacock permanently. All WWE streaming content is moving to Peacock, you heard that right.

Ya know, I wasn’t gonna get the Peacock streaming service but I’m gonna have to get it if I want to keep up with my wrestling.

It’s a shame ’cause I really loved the WWE Network, the WWE’s own streaming service is gonna say goodbye this month… but it’s not gonna be gone for good, though, just moving to a new entity.

Maybe it’s kind of a good thing ’cause WWE Network was $9.99 a month and Peacock is $4.99 a month so Peacock would be a lot cheaper. I think. I’ll probably go with Peacock anyways if I want to keep watch WWE ppvs and keep watching NXT shows.

I love the WWE Network ’cause I’m a huge wrestling nerd. I’ll keep watching WWE Network until it shuts down on March 18th and then I’m gonna have to sign up for Peacock after that. I’ll have to if I want to watch “Wrestlemania” this year which is coming up and around the corner in April.

I love the WWE Network ’cause it’s a streaming service that it’s every wrestling fans dream. It has plenty of old wrestling on it which is one reason I love it: old school WWE, WCW, ECW, etc. I also like to watch it for NXT and NXT UK shows. I also love to watch all the wrestling documentaries on there too.

It’s kind of a shame that the WWE Network’s own streaming service is gonna be gone this month ’cause I really liked it. I’ll be watching stuff on there later tonight ’cause there’s some wrestling NXT shows I gotta catch upon.

I love pro wrestling, yo. Gotta have that in my life too. I’ll never outgrow wrestling. I’ll always be a fan. \m/



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