Dana Warrior aka the widow of the Ultimate Warrior gives a tour of the Warrior home before she moves away…

These are very cool videos that I thought I would share them here. Many of you know that I’m a big wrestling fan and the Ultimate Warrior is one of my favorite wrestlers. Some of you may think that some legendary wrestlers live in huge mansions with lots of rooms and a huge swimming pool and all that crap but did the Warrior have all that? Apparently, no. Ultimate Warrior who’s real name was Jim Hellwig lived a pretty normal lifestyle as you can see here.

The Warrior family lives in a pretty regular sized home. The home is very cool, though and pretty unique looking. This is the home where Warrior made all of his past videoblogs in… he also made his videoblogs in his home gym. Dana Warrior also gives a tour of his gym in the video above.

Check ’em out. Cool stuff.

Dana Warrior and the girls are moving away ’cause she got a job in WWE, I think. It’s a shame they gotta leave this legendary home behind and unfortunately, they got to put the home up for sale which I’m sure will cost a fortune.

In my opinion, a different family shouldn’t live in the home after Dana and the girls move out — I think the home should be turned into a museum of some sorts as a way to keep Warrior’s legacy alive. That’s a legendary home where a big wrestling legend lived in so it’s gonna be worth a lot. I’m sure the home would cost a fortune.

I do miss the Ultimate Warrior like most ’cause he was a hero to me too. I used to watch his video blogs on his youtube channel. He did his best to help everybody believe that life really mattered and he did his best to get people to do something with yourself instead of wasting it. That’s what he mostly focused on through his youtube videos. Of course, can’t forget his videos where he publicly railed against Hulk Hogan.

I feel bad for Dana and the girls, though, they must miss him everyday.


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