BREAKING NEWS: First OJ, now Casey Anthony…de ja vu???

The verdict was read today and surprise, surprise, guess what, folks? Casey Anthony is acquitted of 1st degree murder. Found not guilty. It is fucking bullshit. I think she got away with it, just like OJ. If she didn’t kill Caylee, then who did?

As expected, the not guilty verdict of “1st degree murder” created controversy on the web. It’s all over twitter and facebook.

Casey was found guilty of a couple of charges but they were just “providing wrong information to law enforcement” which is nothing big. So this means, she probably won’t get any prison time. She might get put on probation and that’s about it, nothing major.

This is going to make Nancy Grace happy and I’m looking forward to seeing her response to this.

Yep, she got away with it, un-fucking-believable. If Caylee was my daughter, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. If I was in this situation, I wouldn’t give up until Casey is behind bars and she gets the death penalty.



3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: First OJ, now Casey Anthony…de ja vu???”

  1. If they believed that, then they should have found her guilty of criminally negligent homicide or something to that effect. Even if your kid’s death is an accident, you can’t get off free…especially when you hide it for 31 days.

    1. Right on Steve. I also believe that Casey’s parents, George & Cindy both have something to do with the killing of Caylee. I’m not blaming the murder on them or anything, but they certainly had a hand in covering it up. Casey definitely had some help to cover up her crime. If George & Cindy didn’t help cover her up, then someone else did. Casey might have had friends help cover her up.

      Now that Casey is a free woman, she’ll get herself a new boyfriend. She’ll also get pregnant again which is also a scary thing. Right after the trial, Casey and her team partied it up at the bar across the street from the courthouse celebrating which is very disrespectful in Caylee’s honor. Just shows that Casey doesn’t care about Caylee at all.


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