Thought: My Casey Anthony trial prediction…

I have been following the Casey Anthony trial very closely. Wow, what a fucking circus this trial is! It’s like Anna Nicole Smith and MTV mixed together! A soap opera indeed!

It’s pretty amazing how the trial tried to make her look innocent.

My thoughts? I think she has guilty of murder written all over her face. She did it. She killed her own child. Everyone knows it. So far in the trial, nobody proved her innocence. It’s all just talk.

Some people think she’s innocent. She may serve some prison time and not get the death penalty. She could even walk out a free woman if acquitted. I don’t think either is going happen. This women is a monster. An evil woman who deserves to die for what she did.

Poor little Caylee had a whole future ahead of her, and Casey took it away from her. She killed her own daughter, and she thinks she’s going to get away with it? Whether Caylee’s death was an accident or not, Casey still killed her own daughter. How can people think she’s innocent?

The trial is almost over soon. Just get it over, and put the bitch away. If Casey didn’t want Caylee in her life, she should have simply sent her away to another family. The trial should be over this week and I can’t wait for the verdict! Will she be like OJ Simpson and get away with murder? I don’t think so, but it would be shocking if she did walk out a free woman. As soon as the verdict is announced, I’ll post it asap.


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