BREAKING NEWS: Remains of Caylee Anthony are hers…the authorities confirmed…

Caylee Anthony, the  missing toddler have been found. She is dead. The remains were discovered in a wooded area by Casey Anthony’s parents house. Casey Anthony, 22, is the mother of the murdered child. A meter reader discovered Caylee’s remains and contacted police immediately. The meter reader is not a suspect, he is just a witness.

Casey Anthony is being held in jail with a 1st degree murder charge and many other charges. She could face life in prison if convicted of murdering her own 2 year old daughter but she would not get a death penalty.

The search of Caylee Anthony went on for about 6 months and now the search of missing Caylee has ended. The investigation of Caylee’s remains is still ongoing as they need to do a toxicology report and they sent some of Caylee’s remains to the FBI, to make sure if the remains are really Caylee.

More on the story here:

This is so sad and disturbing. I’ve been keeping an eye on this story and I’ve been pointing the blame on that bitch Casey. You know, if you don’t like kids, then why have them? Parents have children of their own ’cause obviously they like kids.

Parents who abuse or even worse kill their own children, don’t deserve to have children at all. If Casey was having problems with Caylee and didn’t want to take care of her, she could have at least get Caylee adopted to another family.

I hope Caylee’s killer is Casey, so that no good of a mother rot in prison and never see the light of day again.


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  1. Even though toxicology tests haven’t been completed or are being released at this time; confirmation that the remains are Caylee’s is a positive, considering in what close proximity to the Anthony home that the remains were found. This will make it difficult for the Anthonys to continue to claim that the strong odor of decomposition in the car was rotting garbage. That is what George said on Larry King, although earlier on, he said that as a former homicide detective, he recognized that odor to smell like decomposition. Circumstantial evidence can be credible and very damaging, i.e changing your story. If Casey really murdered Caylee, which I believe she did, then I hope it can be proved without a reasonable doubt. We haven’t heard everything yet.

    As for George and Cindy, I can’t imagine what they must be going through. They never asked for this to happen. What would any parent do if their child were accused of a horrible crime? In my opinion, the Anthonys are a dysfunctional family but it’s not George and Cindy’s fault that their daughter is assumed to have murdered their grandchild. Casey knew right from wrong or she wouldn’t have methodically hid her crime or failed to show lack of remorse by failing to report her daughter missing for a month. She certainly had something to hide when she refused her father and boyfriend to go near the trunk of the car. Borrowing the neighbor’s shovel and web searching Chloroform, neckbreaking and missing children are not the behavior of an innocent person is very suspicious. Casey goes out on the town, one or two days after Caylee goes missing. That is very telling.

    Even if DNA or forensics don’t prove that Casey murdered her daughter, the circumstantial evidence can still link her to the crime. She may get a lesser sentence like 2nd degree murder.

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