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Report: Ex-fiance claims relationship with Drew Peterson was a “stunt”…

Christina and Ernie Raines both appeared on the “Early Show” being interviewed by Julie Chen this morning. The relationship between Christina and Drew Peterson gets even better.

Christina says this wasn’t an engagement, she claims it was more of a publicity “stunt”. When Julie Chen asks Christina if Drew talked to Christina about the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, she refused to answer the question.

See the interview transcript here:


Um, yeah right Christina. “Publicity stunt”? We all know the spoiled little brat just used him ’cause he’s wealthy and to get her 15 minutes of fame as well. I also think, Drew’s been talking to Christina privately that he knows where Stacy is and Christina knows where Stacy is.

I’ll be looking for the video interview in youtube today.


Report: Drew Peterson’s fiance leaves him after her father orders her to do so…

Christina Raines who was just engaged to Drew Peterson, has left him, after her father, Ernie Raines demanded her to leave him. Ernie travelled to Bollingbrook, Ill…Drew’s hometown where the couple were currently living, Ernie ordered his daughter to leave Drew.

Ernie tried to warn her daughter before that Drew could possibly be very dangerous and he doesn’t want to see her being gone, similar to what happened to Stacy Peterson. Drew is already being controlling and abusive to Christina.

Christina was escorted by several police cars, Christina and Drew has broken off the engagement.

More on it here:


Kudos to Ernie for doing a good thing. She was pretty fuckin’ stupid to accept Drew’s marriage proposal in the first place. I hope the Bollingbrook police will lock Drew’s ass up behind bars fast, so he wouldn’t hurt any more women. I’m sick of that guy.