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Today, Drew Peterson has been found guilty of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. The state of Illinois does NOT have death penalty so he will serve up to 60 years in prison. This is no surprise to me that they would find him guilty. It also shows that he definitely did something to, Stacy. Possibly murdered Stacy too and hid her body. Lets hope they’ll start investigating the disappearance of Stacy Peterson again. You know, Drew did something to her. Lets hope the truth will come out about Stacy so her family can have some answers. Now that Drew is guilty of murdering Kathleen, it shouldn’t be too hard to find out what happened to Stacy now. They will find out sooner or later.

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Thought: Will Drew Peterson’s, Kathleen Savio murder trial bring out the truth about Stacy Peterson???

Well, the Drew Peterson, Kathleen Savio murder trial is starting today as I type this. I think I’m going to follow this trial to see how it will turn out. While this trial has nothing to do with the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, you know she will be brought up a little bit. Maybe they will try to get Drew to confess about Stacy’s disappearance, who knows. After the murder of Kathleen Savio, that just shows that he did something to Stacy too. Possibly murdered Stacy and hid her body somewhere. Of course, Drew will maintain his innocence and he will probably walk this trial, wouldn’t surprise me. The Kathleen Savio trial is just starting today, so not much out of it now. This trial should be interesting, I’ll keep an eye on it.

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Thought: Did I watch “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” last night?

Last night on the Lifetime channel, aired the straight to TV movie, “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” which starred Rob Lowe who played Drew, in the film. Did I watch it last night? I tried to, but immediately got bored and only stayed through the first half hour of it. Then I decided to watch a movie on Netflix instead.

I thought that film was badly acted and the writing was bad as well. Plus, I’m sure the things in that film didn’t even happen in real life and most of the stuff aren’t true. Plus, I think the movie was done in bad taste and disrespectful to Stacy and her family.

Stacy could possibly still be alive out there. It’s either Drew kept her captive somewhere or she’s out in hiding on her own. Don’t always assume that Stacy Peterson is dead. There’s always hope on missing people being found alive. Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart were both found alive, so Stacy could be too.

Back to the film, I like Rob Lowe as an actor, he’s a talented actor, don’t get me wrong, but this film wasn’t for him. What was he thinking signing on to this?


Report: Stacy Peterson getting close to being found????

Well it looks like Stacy Peterson maybe found very soon. It looks like the Peoria police is getting close to finding her body using search dogs. Of course, Peterson and his attorney called it ridiculous and gossip. Still maintaining Peterson’s innocence like always.

More on the story here:


Well, it would be evidence if THEY DO find Stacy’s body buried there. If they find her body there this week, that would be amazing. I predict they WILL find her. Like everyone else, I always knew Drew Peterson killer her. Lets hope and pray they do find her body, so Drew can rot in prison for the rest of his miserable life. He is a cold blooded evil monster.


BREAKING NEWS: Drew Peterson indicted in 3rd wife’s death, NOT Stacy Peterson though…

Finally! Drew Peterson has gotten indicted for a crime he committed. Drew Peterson the former police sergeant in Illinois has been indicted for the death of Kathleen Savio. They aren’t talking about Stacy Peterson here, one of his ex’s before Stacy.

More on it here:


Justice for Kathleen Savio finally!!!!!!!!!! Now hopefully justice will be served for Stacy and all the other young women he hurt! Stupid bastard! I hope they put this creep away for the rest of his miserable life!


Report: Ex-fiance claims relationship with Drew Peterson was a “stunt”…

Christina and Ernie Raines both appeared on the “Early Show” being interviewed by Julie Chen this morning. The relationship between Christina and Drew Peterson gets even better.

Christina says this wasn’t an engagement, she claims it was more of a publicity “stunt”. When Julie Chen asks Christina if Drew talked to Christina about the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, she refused to answer the question.

See the interview transcript here:


Um, yeah right Christina. “Publicity stunt”? We all know the spoiled little brat just used him ’cause he’s wealthy and to get her 15 minutes of fame as well. I also think, Drew’s been talking to Christina privately that he knows where Stacy is and Christina knows where Stacy is.

I’ll be looking for the video interview in youtube today.


Report: Drew Peterson’s fiance leaves him after her father orders her to do so…

Christina Raines who was just engaged to Drew Peterson, has left him, after her father, Ernie Raines demanded her to leave him. Ernie travelled to Bollingbrook, Ill…Drew’s hometown where the couple were currently living, Ernie ordered his daughter to leave Drew.

Ernie tried to warn her daughter before that Drew could possibly be very dangerous and he doesn’t want to see her being gone, similar to what happened to Stacy Peterson. Drew is already being controlling and abusive to Christina.

Christina was escorted by several police cars, Christina and Drew has broken off the engagement.

More on it here:


Kudos to Ernie for doing a good thing. She was pretty fuckin’ stupid to accept Drew’s marriage proposal in the first place. I hope the Bollingbrook police will lock Drew’s ass up behind bars fast, so he wouldn’t hurt any more women. I’m sick of that guy.


Report: Drew Peterson soon to be married to another 23 year old…his next victim?

Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook, Illinois, police seargant, announced he is engaged to a mysterious 23 year old woman but would not reveal her identity. She is the same age as Stacy Peterson who disappeared in October of 2007. Drew proposed to the mystery woman after only four months of dating her.

The Associated Press reports:


My question is, why would any woman want to be with this man since he is the suspect and could be responsible for the Stacy Peterson disappearance? Also, why would any woman want to be with him since he had a long history of domestic violence? Oh that’s right, Drew is a retired police seargant, so he must be rich and wealthy.

If anything happens to this new woman, lets hope the authorities do the right thing by keeping an eye on him. Who ever this woman is marrying Drew Peterson, is probably a spoiled little brat, a gold digger just marrying him for the money, not thinking straight that he could beat her too.

He doesn’t want the news media to find out who his new future wife is, but the media will find out quick enough.


Report: Drew Peterson is in the news again, says he can’t explain 3 deceptive questions in polygraph test…

Drew Peterson who is a former Illinois police sergeant who is named a suspect of the disappearance of his 23 year old wife, Stacy Peterson passed a polygraph test against her but failed against three questions. One of them being if he knew the whereabouts of Stacy, when he said “No”, the result came out deceptive.

There will be a book released this week titled “Drew Peterson: Exposed” written by Derek Armstrong, Drew complains that the book focused on the negative side of things of his life when he said it should focus on the positive.

More on it here:


I’ll probably buy the book and give it a read. The book is full of negativity on Drew Peterson for a reason and I think the asshole deserves the bad publicity.

Him getting all this fame over the missing Stacy Peterson is just pathetic. Everyone knows the loser is responsible. He is not in jail yet because there is no hard evidence proving that he did anything.

I think Stacy will get found either dead or alive. I would prefer she’s alive like everyone else but if she’s dead at least her family members would get answers.