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Human remains found in Fulton County but don’t think it’ll be Jaliek Rainwalker, though… #JusticeForJaliek

Human remains were just found in a town called, Ephratah in Fulton County, New York.


I look at the sketches and the drawings look pretty close to Jaliek Rainwalker. If you look at Jaliek’s photos in this link below, you can see Jaliek’s look almost matches the sketch. Except the remains found in Fulton County was a young woman and Jaliek doesn’t have those gaps in his teeth so it’s probably not him.


I don’t really want to speculate but gotta say that young woman was probably murdered by somebody and got rid of the body.

See how somebody could have done that to Jaliek? Usually missing persons almost always turn up dead and it’s very rare they’re found alive.

I don’t think the remains found in Fulton County would be Jaliek Rainwalker but you never know. Jaliek’s remains still needs to be found too and I think his remains are still out there somewhere.