Why missing people being found alive shouldn’t be huge news stories…

While it’s good news to hear that three missing Cleveland, Ohio women have been found alive after all these years, the media should back off. Of course, they won’t. Whenever somebody missing gets found alive, the news media are all over it. The found missing person usually gets turned into some celebrity of some sort. Look at Jaycee Dugard, perfect example. What’s next for Amanda Berry and the other two girls? Book deals? Reality shows? *pukes*

I didn’t care to watch the live-stream stuff of the Amanda Berry story. Look, it’s great news that these girls have been found alive; don’t get me wrong, ya know? It’s just pathetic that the media have to be all over them. Money and ratings; that’s all they care about. The news media really needs to back off and give these people some space. They deserve their privacy and get their lives back together after being away from their families for so many years. The media is a cruel and evil thing.

It’s a miracle that missing people get found alive but leave them the hell alone. That’s my point. When returning to society after all these years, their privacy is still gone because they become a public figure because of it. It’s making me sick. All of it.

The family didn’t have to let Amanda give out a public statement today if they didn’t want to. They had all the right to tell the media to fuck off, that’s what I would have done.


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