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Sylvester Stallone’s half-brother Dante Stallone beaten by two black muggers in Florida…

Sly Stallone’s half brother, Dante Stallone who is also the younger brother of singer Frank Stallone was brutally beaten during a mugging by two black thugs. Frank Stallone took to facebook and instagram to rant about it but he removed the posts.

Check out the articles for more on the story:

Well gee, TMZ reported the story but I wonder why the rest of the mainstream media didn’t get all over it? You don’t see anything about this on CNN, NBC, the Washington Post or any of that stuff. Is it because this is a black on white crime? It doesn’t fit the Black Lives Matter movement?

While TMZ did report the story:

Still though, they were careful not to mention who the muggers were. They were careful not to mention the word “thugs” or “muggers”.

The MSM ignores stories like this, black on white crime. Black on white crime happens all the time but doesn’t get much media attention. They don’t want to make the black community look bad is why. The MSM is pretty despicable. When will black people ever be held accountable for their actions? When they do bad things to people, they shouldn’t get a free pass.

Things like this is why we really need Trump in the White House pretty badly. Make America Safe Again!



Yeah, bad parents do kill their own kids, the truth hurts, doesn’t it y’all??? #JusticeForJaliek

After reading this story, kind of reminds me of the Jaliek Rainwalker case.

A 35 year old Mom in New Mexico, murdered her own daughter after she was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend. Before the Mom killed her own daughter, she injected her with meth to calm her down. Sure enough, they show no remorse after.

You see, these things happen. Children are meant to be cared for and be loved by people but sometimes that’s not always the case. When kids drive parents crazy, they can sometimes snap. Not all parents are great to their kids, that’s just the way it is. Think what the adoptive parents could have done to Jaliek.

If you don’t like kids then why have them?


I have the right to respond to local crime stories & get my thoughts on, free country #JusticeForJaliek…

Ya know, I find it interesting how people are getting upset over my thoughts on the Jaliek Rainwalker case. For years, I’ve been quietly following the Jaliek Rainwalker missing child case ever since it happened and kept my thoughts to myself. Now I’m starting to write about it publicly. I kind of figured it was gonna spark some controversy and get some people upset but that’s okay. I would do anything to get justice for Jaliek and that’s what I’m doing it for. I’m doing it for Jaliek. 9 years on and still no closure. Local news outlets stopped reporting the story, it seems the Greenwich police has stopped investigating and seems that most people stopped caring. I haven’t stopped caring and I haven’t forgotten Jaliek.

Just an FYI, this is not a missing child case anymore. It is now murder. A crime. It is pretty obvious that Jaliek was murdered by his own adoptive parents. It’s pretty easy to see. If you disagree and feel sorry for them that they are accused of “murder” then I don’t know what to say. You are not using common sense at all and not looking at reality. If you side with Stephen & Jocelyn and think they’re innocent then you don’t care for Jaliek yourself. You are siding with people who are a couple of monsters & cowards who will never take responsibility for anything.

Ya know, I know this story is gonna upset some and will spark some controversy because this is a controversial case. I know people are gonna come after me but if I’m the only one speaking the truth, that’s fine. I have the right to respond my thoughts on local crime stories. Nobody is gonna stop me. Nobody is gonna silence me. It’s a free country, y’all. The 1st amendment is a beautiful thing. That’s what the local news media report this stuff for so the public can respond our thoughts on. Stephen & Jocelyn’s sympathizers are not gonna stop me and it’s disgusting to me to see that they do have sympathizers. If people sympathize this couple and think they’re innocent then I sure hope they don’t become jury members of a murder trial.

Read this story again for a start:

People say that there is not a shred of evidence to prove their guilt, I can post an entire timeline of events of the whole story if I wanted but I don’t feel like going through that right now. So far, all the clues I’ve seen written about the story traces back to Stephen and Jocelyn. You want us to believe that they’re innocent and you want the town to leave them alone after them threatening to sue Greenwich police, moving to Vermont and lawyering up? I don’t freaking think so! This couple haven’t proven their innocence yet even after 9 years of this case still being open. If they aren’t talking, they are hiding something. This couple is very dangerous. They’re sick and twisted people who shouldn’t be out there in the streets. They need to be locked up, hopefully soon.

I’m gonna keep on this story. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m no detective or cop but the Greenwich law enforcement and news media encourages the public to help investigate. They want everybody to help. So since I’m good with the internet, I’m doing all I can to see if I can find the truth but so far, I haven’t found much ’cause Stephen and Jocelyn are pretty good at keeping things offline. They’re trying to cover their tracks. I know Stephen and Jocelyn are online all the time. Jocelyn used to have social networking and a wordpress blog but she deleted all that stuff once I called her out. So that tells me even more that this couple is trying their best to protect themselves. They don’t care about Jaliek at all. They’re trying to avoid an arrest by police. They only care about themselves, period.

Justice is coming for you, Jaliek. Hang in there, buddy… I’m thinking of ya, Jaliek and always will.


Was Jaliek Rainwalker’s remains buried at The Phantom Laboratory in Greenwich? #JusticeForJaliek

I’ve been doing a lot of google research and I’ve been seeing a lot of talk that Jaliek Rainwalker’s remains could be buried somewhere at The Phantom Laboratory in Greenwich. The Phantom Laboratory is a private company that is out toward’s Salem. According to the website, it said that it has hiking trails. The area has 41 acres of land so the area is pretty big. However, though, the Phantom Laboratory is really difficult to find so you’re never gonna find it. That’s probably why they called it “Phantom” ’cause it’s hard to find. It’s a private area so there are probably “Posted” signs all over the place that tells you to keep out. I could go there and search the area myself but I don’t want to risk a “No Trespassing” charge.

The thing is, the Greenwich police won’t say whether they searched there or not. I’m not sure if they already did search the area but they won’t say.

That area really needs to be searched, though. The reason the Phantom Lab is important is ’cause the adoptive father (Stephen) works there (I’m not sure if he still does or not) and it maybe pretty possible that he may have buried Jaliek’s body somewhere there. Even if Jaliek’s remains may not be there, still though… there’s gotta be evidence hidden there somewhere that could prove that Jaliek was murdered.

I’m just going by what people are talking about and I agree, the Phantom Lab needs to be searched thoroughly, even inside the building. You just may never know what you may find there.


The Jaliek Rainwalker running away claim doesn’t make any sense, I’m gonna prove it soon… #JusticeForJaliek…

Jaliek was last seen at a home on 10 Hill Street in Greenwich on Nov. 1st, 2007. The adoptive father Stephen claims that he woke up at 7:30 in the morning and discovered a runaway note. Then Stephen reported the kid missing a little later on at 8:57 in the morning.

You see, I know their running away claim is bullshit ’cause I know the town of Greenwich since I’ve lived here my whole life and I know Hill St. since I’ve been through that street many times in my life. Around the time in Nov. would be pretty cold as it would be Fall still. I can’t see Jaliek getting bundled up and walking in the streets in the middle of the night or early in the morning. If Jaliek just walked out of the house and started walking, someone would have spotted him and took him back to that home on Hill St. Like I said, I know Hill St. pretty well. There are all kinds of homes close by. Greenwich is a town that has all kinds of homes close together. Jaliek would have been spotted by someone if he was walking alone, shivering in the cold. I just can’t see it.

Overnight in town, there are usually police officers driving through town to make sure if the town is safe so if a police officer spotted a runaway, he would have picked Jaliek up and took him back home. Anybody would have spotted Jaliek and took him back home.

I plan to go into town soon to prove my point and will videotape myself doing that for an upcoming videoblog.

Also, since Stephen claims he woke up at 7:30 in the morning and discovered Jaliek missing then why did it take over an hour to report him missing? Their running away claim just doesn’t add up. I’m gonna make a videoblog about it soon and hopefully debunk their claim for good.


Why I agreed to help investigate Jaliek Rainwalker case and why I vow to stay on it… #JusticeForJaliek

Like I said before, I’ve been following the Jaliek Rainwalker case ever since he disappeared back in 2007 and I still follow the case to this day. While a lot of people seem to have given up caring, I haven’t. The Jaliek case isn’t widely known but it is a well-known case in my hometown of Greenwich, though ’cause the local papers and the local TV news used to report the story a lot but they stopped for whatever reason.

So far this is the latest story on the Jaliek case and nothing new since then:

Read more here if you want to know more:

Even though the local news media and the Greenwich police seems to have given up investigating, I haven’t stopped caring and I haven’t forgotten Jaliek. I care because he’s from my hometown. Just so you know, I’ve been talking with Jaliek’s grandmother who has been searching answers for Jaliek and she’s been doing that even to this day. She hasn’t stopped trying to find out what happened to him. Even Jaliek’s grandmother agrees that Jaliek was probably murdered by his own adoptive parents so take that if you will. Anyway, Jaliek’s grandmother wants me to do all this online stuff about the case and she likes what I do. I agreed to help her out all I can.

I’ve been doing all kinds of researching, googling and searching through social networking. I haven’t found much other than Jocelyn McDonald (Jaliek’s adoptive mother) trying to become an internet celebrity over her “Macroparent” wordpress blog which she deleted once I called her out for it. So that’s a pretty nice start. She thought it was okay to blog about parenting and education when she has a missing kid. So since I got her to delete all her online stuff after publicly calling her out, she’s definitely up to something and has something to hide.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be the hero. I’m not trying to get the cash reward or anything like that ’cause I don’t need the money to try to help solve this case that has been open for at least 9 years now. The Greenwich police encourages people to help solve the case so it’s a good thing to do to help.

I’m doing all I can to help find the truth as well. I may do more stuff than just online ’cause I’m thinking about putting together my own search team ’cause people really seem to have stopped searching and we shouldn’t stop.

If you think what I do is good then sit tight. I got much more coming ’cause I’m not gonna stop. This case deserves closure and Jaliek deserves his justice. Sure, missing children cases happen all the time but I feel this one matters. It’s getting close to 9 years since he disappeared. The whole town of Greenwich is still wondering about Jaliek and we haven’t stopped caring. There’s no doubt that he was murdered by his own adoptive parents. I’m not the only one who thinks so, believe me. His adoptive father, Stephen was the last one to see Jaliek alive and spent the night with him at the house on Hill St. Greenwich. Jaliek never came back out. Then the parents moved to West Rupert, Vermont and then continue to make claims they’re looking for him too? If they really cared about Jaliek, they wouldn’t do that. On their side, they’re hoping that Jaliek would turn up but what if Jaliek turns up in Greenwich and Jaliek found out that they moved to Vermont? That’s why I feel their claim is bullshit. They moved to Vermont to avoid the police. They’re cowards who won’t take responsibility for anything.

Most missing children cases always involves a family member anyways. Yes, parents do kill their own children (Casey Anthony, anybody???)… it does happen.


Human remains found in Fulton County but don’t think it’ll be Jaliek Rainwalker, though… #JusticeForJaliek

Human remains were just found in a town called, Ephratah in Fulton County, New York.

I look at the sketches and the drawings look pretty close to Jaliek Rainwalker. If you look at Jaliek’s photos in this link below, you can see Jaliek’s look almost matches the sketch. Except the remains found in Fulton County was a young woman and Jaliek doesn’t have those gaps in his teeth so it’s probably not him.

I don’t really want to speculate but gotta say that young woman was probably murdered by somebody and got rid of the body.

See how somebody could have done that to Jaliek? Usually missing persons almost always turn up dead and it’s very rare they’re found alive.

I don’t think the remains found in Fulton County would be Jaliek Rainwalker but you never know. Jaliek’s remains still needs to be found too and I think his remains are still out there somewhere.