Obama is trying his best to extend his presidency after 2017, enact martial law…

Obama is trying to start a race war with the police which he is doing a good job at. He also left the borders wide open and intentionally allowing illegal aliens to enter the country. Obama has got ISIS going on and Islamic terrorism has become more of threat than ever. So with all this stuff going on, you can tell that Obama has something up his sleeve. Yes, you guess that right. Obama wants to continue his presidency after 2017 which is what he is doing. He is hoping to enact martial law even before Nov. 8th comes. Enact martial law, the elections will be cancelled and Obama will extend his presidency. If you do a little digging in order to enact martial law, the country must be under civil unrest and the country must be in a war.

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Obama is trying all he can to extend his presidency and still trying to make that happen. If you want to know my thoughts about all this Dallas stuff going on, it’s just Obama’s attempt to start a war with our police. Is Obama trying to get rid of the police in America? That’s what it seems like he’s trying to do. He wants to get rid of the police so we can feel helpless and useless. That’s why Obama is trying to make it okay to kill cops in America. He’s intentionally doing that as a way to destroy America.

I don’t care what people think. I stand with our police officers. It’s unfair that our police is being treated this way and they don’t deserve it. Shame on Obama and the media. It’s sickening to me that the media continues to defend the Dallas shooter. I support the police and it’s a real shame to see that this country made it okay to hate the police. Disgusting. The police should be respected ’cause they are the reason why we’re still alive today. So we should thank them and give them our support.

Obama wants a race war and a war against Islam for “martial law”. That’s what I think is going on and I’m sticking with it. Obama wants to extend his presidency ’cause he loves being president and his ego is so big. It’s crazy. Everyone wants to call Donald Trump a selfish and arrogant person but what about Obama? I’m so tired of people still sticking up for Obama when it shouldn’t be that hard to see how corrupt and evil he is.

Obama needs to go. Obama extending his presidency is not gonna happen ’cause Trump is gonna stop it from happening.


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