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I’ll finally confess that the police in America can be a real problem… George Floyd needs justice and the officer who killed him should be locked up forever…

Yeah, I know I try to defend America’s police force over the years but after the George Floyd thing… I’ll have no choice but to finally admit that the police can be a real problem. Yes, police brutality is real and police corruption exists still. However, not all cops are bad and there are gonna be some bad apples in law enforcement. Yes, there will be some bad cops who will think they’re tough guys just because they have a badge and a gun.

George Floyd certainly didn’t deserve to die like that with a crime he committed that wasn’t that big of a deal. Police brutality over forged papers really? I have no choice but to admit that this one was wrong.

While police brutality is real and it can be a problem, that still doesn’t mean you have a right to start looting cities, destroying everything and such. Yes, I believe in protesting and nothing wrong with that but what’s wrong with “peaceful Protest”?

I think Floyd didn’t deserve that myself and I think the officer that killed him should be held accountable and get locked up forever. I understand how the left are getting frustrated with the police but the entire law enforcement system isn’t bad.

I’m not gonna say much about this topic but wanted to give my brief, thoughts on this. I do agree that was murder, though… 100% it was.


Obama is trying his best to extend his presidency after 2017, enact martial law…

Obama is trying to start a race war with the police which he is doing a good job at. He also left the borders wide open and intentionally allowing illegal aliens to enter the country. Obama has got ISIS going on and Islamic terrorism has become more of threat than ever. So with all this stuff going on, you can tell that Obama has something up his sleeve. Yes, you guess that right. Obama wants to continue his presidency after 2017 which is what he is doing. He is hoping to enact martial law even before Nov. 8th comes. Enact martial law, the elections will be cancelled and Obama will extend his presidency. If you do a little digging in order to enact martial law, the country must be under civil unrest and the country must be in a war.

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Obama is trying all he can to extend his presidency and still trying to make that happen. If you want to know my thoughts about all this Dallas stuff going on, it’s just Obama’s attempt to start a war with our police. Is Obama trying to get rid of the police in America? That’s what it seems like he’s trying to do. He wants to get rid of the police so we can feel helpless and useless. That’s why Obama is trying to make it okay to kill cops in America. He’s intentionally doing that as a way to destroy America.

I don’t care what people think. I stand with our police officers. It’s unfair that our police is being treated this way and they don’t deserve it. Shame on Obama and the media. It’s sickening to me that the media continues to defend the Dallas shooter. I support the police and it’s a real shame to see that this country made it okay to hate the police. Disgusting. The police should be respected ’cause they are the reason why we’re still alive today. So we should thank them and give them our support.

Obama wants a race war and a war against Islam for “martial law”. That’s what I think is going on and I’m sticking with it. Obama wants to extend his presidency ’cause he loves being president and his ego is so big. It’s crazy. Everyone wants to call Donald Trump a selfish and arrogant person but what about Obama? I’m so tired of people still sticking up for Obama when it shouldn’t be that hard to see how corrupt and evil he is.

Obama needs to go. Obama extending his presidency is not gonna happen ’cause Trump is gonna stop it from happening.


Sadly, the media made it okay for people to hate the police… didn’t the media used to be against police hating, though?

When I saw the movie, “Straight Outta Compton”, there were plenty of scenes in the movie that showed the mainstream media attacking rappers for hating the police. Back in those days, people used to be “offended” at people who were anti-cop. Now the media made it okay for people to be anti-cop. In the old days, it used be just rappers being anti-cop and it now seems that EVERYBODY is anti-cop.

I had to remove someone from facebook ’cause this guy won’t stop hating cops. His cop hating was getting out of hand. This morning he put up a post where more cops are getting shot and killed by black criminals which is happening more and more. This guy wrote that people must be getting sick of cops and it seemed liked he was praising the shooter and not showing any compassion for the officer that was killed at all. It seemed like that he was celebrating that cops are starting to get killed and he thinks they deserved it. I’m pretty sure the liberal left will applaud this guy for writing that post but the only people who seemed to be getting offended at cop-hating are mostly “right-wingers”.

Everybody should feel offended at “cop-hating” regardless of your party. People shouldn’t be hating on our police at all, whatsoever. Like I said before, if you hate the police so much then it’s pretty fucking obvious that you’ve had problems with them yourself in the past. Maybe people who hate the police have a criminal record, maybe had an arrest that was unfair to them and maybe people who hate the police had an argument or fights with them… that kind of stuff.

The media used to be against cop hating ’cause all they did was attack rappers for it. They attacked the NWA, Ice-T and many more to name. Now the media is trying to make it look like that cop hating is okay and they encourage it. Quite sad really. All the cop hating by libtard left. Everyday in facebook you see fucking libtards ranting about the police.

Don’t hate the police. Support our law enforcement ’cause they are here for a reason. They are the reason why we’re all still living and breathing. If there was no police and no laws, we all would probably be dead. Yes, some cops are abusive and can be on a power trip but not all of them. Most cops are professional at their jobs and friendly… it’s just that you’ll always run into a few bad ones.

This is what Barack Obama wants. They want us to hate the police and they’re winning. They do it to politicize gun control and to start “martial law”.

I will always support the police, I don’t care what anyone thinks. Police lives matter. All lives matter. I’m sick of this “Black Lives Matter” garbage and this is why we need Donald Trump in the White House. Once Donald Trump is in the White House, he’ll end this “Black Lives Matter” crap pretty fast. I’m tired of it all.


Tired of all the police hating in social networking… when will it end???

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Ya know, I agree that police brutality does exist… but if you think about it and get it through your thick head… I still believe they won’t come over to pick on you for no reason, don’t you think? Whatever you did that made the police give you a hard time, you probably broke the law in some way. Yeah, the police brutality was probably unnecessary and they were probably on a power trip but still though, that person broke the law either way.

Whenever I see people in facebook or twitter doing nothing but making posts on hating the police all the fucking time, it gets me thinking that you’ve had a bad experience with them yourself in your past. It’s obvious, right? I bet they had police giving them a hard time and they thought it was for no reason. Pretty much all suspects who get arrested wanna play the innocent victim and they always try to make it a “wrongful” arrest. The way the media is going these days, it seems to make it easier to make it a “wrongful” arrest.

I’ve been living my life for a pretty long time now and I’ve never EVER had a problem with law enforcement. I have always been well behaved and didn’t cause any trouble. I’ve never had any trouble with the police at all.

The cop hating in social networking is getting unreal. It’s getting way out of hand thanks to Barack Obama and his corrupt administration… I totally blame him for it absolutely.

If you don’t want police giving you shit, whether they are doing their jobs or not… just be well behaved and they’ll leave you alone. Everyday in facebook, I see stupid liberals posting up vile rants against our police when they’re posting news articles about “police brutality”. I’m sick of seeing it all.

I almost wanted to delete everyone that hated on cops and even came close to deactivating my facebook account but I decided not to and tried to calm down.

UUuuugggghhhhhhhh… I really hope we do get a Republican president in the White House so we can end this divisive politics. Cops deserve to be respected. They are the reasons we’re all still alive and they’re the reasons we’re all living in our homes. You should be praising them as heroes for protecting us and not trying to make them look like enemies. Not all law enforcement is bad… don’t be quick into buying into the media’s bullshit.


Obama really is a piece of shit, wake the hell up, America!!!

Whenever police officers are killed or shot in line of duty, notice how Barack Obama only sends statements either through the press or on social networking. Whenever a black person gets killed by a white person, notice how Obama gives a statement by either a press conference or a speech. Obama gave a speech addressing all three Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

When a police man becomes a victim of a shooting, there is no speech. Just a statement through the press or online from Obama. That’s just another sign that Obama doesn’t give the police any respect. Obama hates the police. Told Americans to hate them too and he got exactly what he wanted. He taught America how to hate cops and he did a very good job of it too. Now he made shooting cops okay.

Like usual Obama, Holder, and the mainstream news media refuses to mention the race of the shooter or the shooter himself. Probably because the shooter is black and they are just trying to get away with racism against whites.

You can love the police or hate them all you want to but the lives of our law enforcement matter too. The hatred against cops has gotten way out of hand thanks to assholes like Obama, Holder and Sharpton. They need to be locked up.

Oh yeah and what the fuck is Eric Holder doing still being Attorney General? When is he gonna leave when he had that farewell party not too long ago?


I love the new Supreme Court ruling… awesome!!!

This is indeed a huge win for cell phone privacy. It’s pretty rare that the Supreme Court would agree with us on anything and they finally did. It’s good news to hear that police will no longer be allowed to take your cell phones without warrant. You know what that means right?

That means you can videotape cops all you want to. If you witness a cop committing a crime, witnessing them arresting someone that you think is unfair or if you witness police brutality… you can videotape them and they won’t be allowed to take your cell phones so they can cover themselves up.

While I do have a lot of respect for the police not all of them are good people. Some of them can be assholes ’cause they think they have the power to control people how they want to. There are good cops and bad cops.

Hopefully something gets done about the NSA spying too.