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I love the new Supreme Court ruling… awesome!!!

This is indeed a huge win for cell phone privacy. It’s pretty rare that the Supreme Court would agree with us on anything and they finally did. It’s good news to hear that police will no longer be allowed to take your cell phones without warrant. You know what that means right?

That means you can videotape cops all you want to. If you witness a cop committing a crime, witnessing them arresting someone that you think is unfair or if you witness police brutality… you can videotape them and they won’t be allowed to take your cell phones so they can cover themselves up.

While I do have a lot of respect for the police not all of them are good people. Some of them can be assholes ’cause they think they have the power to control people how they want to. There are good cops and bad cops.

Hopefully something gets done about the NSA spying too.