The Grammy’s for 2017 is gonna suck… expect a lot of Donald Trump bashing too…

I’m totally skipping the next Grammy awards. Music awards shows are getting real horrible lately. In fact, they are getting much worse. I’m sick of award shows ramming Beyonce down our throats every year. So sick of Beyonce. Can’t stand her. It looks like the Grammy’s are finally getting tired of Taylor Swift, Kanye and Rihanna so now they’re getting high on Beyonce. So pathetic.

Another thing that is pissing me off about this year’s Grammy’s show is that Davie Bowie has been snubbed from “Album of the Year” for his new album, “Blackstar”. I thought “Blackstar” was a pretty amazing record and I expected it to get “Album of The Year” nod ever since the album came out. That whole album is really amazing and it’s bullshit that it got snubbed.

The Grammy’s winners this year is gonna be predictable, though as Beyonce will probably sweep everything. *yawn*

What will Beyonce’s Grammy performance be like? More cop hating and more BLM stuff?

I’m sure there’s gonna be tons of Trump bashing throughout the show too. James Corden who is the Grammy’s host will probably bash Trump a lot in his opening speech. Trump will be in office when the Grammy’s are on TV in Feb. so yeah, they will probably bash Trump a lot. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. There’s probably gonna be lots of liberal politics throughout the show like last year.

The Grammy’s did the right thing last year by giving Taylor Swift the “Album of the Year” award ’cause “1989” is a pretty good album. I’m not ashamed to say that Taylor Swift is actually pretty talented.


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