The media will always bash Trump on everything he does “good” for America… so sad…

No matter what Donald Trump does for America even if it’s a good and a positive thing, the media will always think he’s doing a bad thing. They keep bashing all of his choices for his cabinet. They bashed him for the Carrier deal and saved thousands of jobs that people were gonna lose. They even bashed the Taiwan call… Taiwan wanted to do something positive by congratulating President Trump on his victory, what’s wrong with that? Anything that’s positive about Trump the media will paint it like he did a bad thing, always. It’s really pathetic, ya know? That’s why we’re all getting fed up with the MSM. The media will always bash Trump on everything he does. If you think the media is bad now, just wait until Trump gets in office in Jan. The media will get 10x’s much worse.

When Trump gets in office in Jan. and starts to do positive things for America, the media will always act like he’s doing a bad thing. For example, if the economy starts picking up and starts to look good… jobs pick up and people are working again, the media will find a way to make it look like he’s doing something bad. They will make lies about how Trump is breaking the law on improving the economy or they’ll continue to give Obama credit about the economy. If Trump does positive things like getting homeless people off the streets, they’ll figure out a way to call him a racist and a bigot for it. What if he starts giving you better care in the hospital? Media will accuse him of disobeying the Constitution or breaking the law. Even if he doesn’t go on vacation throughout his presidency, they’ll find a way to accuse him of spending tax payer money on something.

The media will always bash him for everything no matter the situation. Why? Simply because somebody is paying the media big money of what to report. They’re just being told what to do by somebody and that somebody is probably none other than Barack Obama or George Soros… take your pick.

Today it was just announced that Trump refused a deal with Boeing to make a new Air Force One and guess what? Media bashed him for that too. He did that to save our taxpayer money. Why did they want Trump to get a new Air Force One when he gets in office? They don’t want him using the one Obama flew in?

The media sucks so much. It’s easy to see the liberal bias in all of today’s media and if you can’t yet, you’re not very smart at all. We’re all fed up with the liberal bias in the media. When us Trump supporters complain about the media, we don’t want the news to be aimed directly at Conservative views. We just want fair reporting on both sides of the spectrum. We want honest journalism back, that’s all. It’s great that the media is honest about the GOP & Republicans but when will they ever be honest about liberalism? The media is so protective over liberalism, that’s what is pissing everyone off. Can’t stand it. The way the media treated Trump is a huge part of why he won. Think about it.



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