Thoughts on Donald Trump meeting with the very liberal Al Gore, it just proves that Trump gets along with everybody! Even with liberals!

Some Trump supporters are freaking out about this. Trump meeting with Al Gore and they’re immediately like, “Oh no, Trump changed his stance on climate change”. Oh come on, really? Trump said time and time again that he gets along with everybody even with people who are very liberal! He’s been saying that ever since he started his campaign a year ago! Trump meeting with Al Gore really shows that. It also shows that Trump is an expert negotiator — shows that Trump is not afraid to meet with whoever he wants. Al maybe very liberal and may be a climate change fanatic but even Al himself seems to be impressed with Trump’s professionalism.

Remember, Trump wants to try and get along with everybody including the left. Why do you think he had nothing but positive things to say about Bernie Sanders and his supporters? This is one thing that I like about Trump… even he knows that politics isn’t so black and white. Trump even supports some liberal views like he is “pro gay rights” and he’s all for equal pay for women too.

After the election got over with, Trump even started to get along with Obama and Hillary. So Trump is not on one side like a lot of people are these days. I love how Trump is like this. If you stop being on one side, maybe you’ll see that Trump is great for everyone including the left. I think Trump will make the left happy too. Give him a chance and you’ll see.



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