Should celebs stop talking about politics? Well keep in mind Donald Trump is a Hollywood celeb…

Mark Wahlberg and Gene Simmons are urging celebs to keep politics out of their careers. Do I agree with them? Well, not really to be honest with you. I think it’s actually good that celebs have a voice too like we do if you think about it. Whether a celeb has left-wing views or right-wing views, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Everyone wants to say that celebs should stay out of politics when they all don’t realize that Donald Trump is a Hollywood celeb. Trump is a billionaire who owns over 50 businesses in the United States… he has been a part of fame and Hollywood for over 30 years. Something to keep in mind, y’all. Plus, Trump had his share of being a part of Hollywood and films ’cause he has “The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice” TV show for starters. He has also had many cameo appearances in different movies over the years. Trump is a Hollywood celeb just like Ronald Reagan was. Remember, Reagan was a movie star before his presidency. So should celebs stop talking about politics? No. There are all kinds of music artists out there that talks politics in their songs especially Bob Dylan, Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, etc. I may not agree with their views but I think it’s good that celebs talk about politics. We should all be able to have different views and we don’t have to agree with them. If the American people has the right to talk about politics then celebs should have that right too.

On top of that hypocrite Gene Simmons shouldn’t lecture celebs on not talking about politics when that’s all he’s been doing for the past year or so. He talks a lot of politics too and Gene is also a celeb… so maybe you should shut it, Gene?

I think it’s good that celebs have a voice. There are plenty of celebs that support Donald Trump and they were the ones who helped Trump get elected like Scott Baio, Robert Davi, John Voight, Ted Nugent, etc. Without their help, Trump being president-elect wouldn’t have been possible. If you think about it, I think it’s good that left-wing celebs have a voice too. Political debates are good. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Celebs just want to speak their minds about this country too and I’m fine with it.


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