Finally got the new Metallica album today!!!

So I went out to the mall to start my Christmas shopping (which I only got half done) and usually each time I do Christmas shopping every year, I always buy myself a gift. I just had to get a copy of Metallica’s new album, “Hardwired to Self Destruct”. I already know it’s a good album ’cause I heard the whole album online so I already know it’s really good. I ended up picking this album up at Target ’cause they had it on sale for like around $10.00.

As I was cashing out this album at Target, I was chatting with this old lady who looks around 60 and she was like, “Is that the new Metallica album?” and I said, “Yep.” Then she responded back saying she’s a Metallica fan too and said she likes the “Black Album”. An older lady who likes Metallica? She was trying to think of a song she likes off the Black album and then she said a “lyric” from a song but couldn’t remember the title… the lyric was “Now I lay me down to sleep”… and then I told her the song she was talking about was “Enter Sandman”. In my head, I was saying, “You’re no true Metallica fan if you can’t remember the title of their songs”. I wanted to say it but didn’t… I had to be nice when I’m out in public. She was probably no Metallica fan, I think she was being nice for the Holidays.

Anyway, I saw the movie, “Arrival” today which I will review tomorrow. Don’t feel like it tonight. Coming down with a cold and not feeling well!



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