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Bill Clinton tells the truth about the “Black Lives Matter” movement, he said something we’ve all been thinking…

The “Black Lives Matter” movement started ever since the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman thing happened. The BLM movement started after Barack Obama’s “If I Had a Son” speech. That’s when the BLM movement exploded. The BLM movement is still going today obviously.

Bill Clinton is so right that all the BLM movement is doing is defending criminals and thugs. I’ve been saying this ever since the Trayvon Martin thing but nope… people gave me all kinds of hell. They gave me so much shit about it and called me names like “racist”. This is what the BLM movement is about and all it’s doing is helping to divide the country. You don’t see too many politicians telling the truth about the BLM stuff and Bill Clinton is the only one who had the guts to tell the truth about the BLM thing. This is what most of us has been thinking ever since Trayvon Martin. Yeah, Trayvon Martin was a thug too… Trayvon deserved what he got by Zimmerman, get over it.

I don’t like Bill Clinton like most people but just for this one time, THIS ONE TIME, I’ll agree with him on something. I mean that too.

Everybody wants to look at people like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and others as innocent people who didn’t deserve what they got but they weren’t innocent and they DID deserve it.

Sure, George Zimmerman wasn’t a cop but he still had the right to defend himself. Thank you, Bill. Keep saying it and don’t back down!



Black lives matter thugs shut down Trump rally in Chicago thoughts…

Bernie Sanders fans and Ted Cruz fans are shamefully celebrating that Black Lives Matter thugs shut down Trump’s rally in Chicago. Liberals in facebook are celebrating it like mad which is typical of libtards, ya know? Predictably the media are calling them “protesters” but they aren’t protesters. They’re the black lives matter crowd who are racists against white people. People who are okay with violence and crime, have no problem with it.

Here’s an example of a thug in this twitter account… these are the kind of people these liberals are celebrating?


Anyway, liberals don’t care how violent and hateful people get as long as they try to take down Donald Trump. That’s all they care about is getting Trump out of the election and they will do anything it takes.

From this point on, though, I think Trump is gonna beef up security at his rallies.

Liberals are also getting mad at Trump ’cause he wouldn’t allow protesters at his rallies. I mean, come on. Really? If I don’t like a presidential candidate, I wouldn’t go to their rallies and get myself in trouble. I would never go to a Hillary or a Bernie rally. If you don’t like a candidate then don’t go. If you go to a presidential candidate rally you don’t support then chances are, you’re gonna get thrown out of them.

Liberals are so obsessed with taken down Trump, they don’t care what it takes. They’ll do anything which is very sad, in my opinion.

Proves how evil and psychotic liberals have gotten lately. They are cold and evil bastards. They don’t care for Mr. Trump’s safety and well-being at all.

Check out the Mark Dice video below exposing the violence of the Black Lives Matter thugs… things that the media will never be honest about.


The hypocrisy of race relations never ceases to amaze me… WOW!!!


When it comes to “No diversity” and no blacks at the Oscars, people are outraged. When it comes to Beyonce’s dancers, there is not one white woman in her crew, you don’t see any outrage. WTF??? The double standard about this is pretty crazy and messed up.


Actually, Officer Ben Fields WAS justified all the way and she had it coming…

After watching the Officer Ben Fields video many times, I’m starting to see that maybe he was justified for yanking that dumb girl off the desk and dragging her across the classroom like she was a rag doll. I’m gonna do a little flip flopping on this and think I’m gonna stand with Ben Fields.

Ted Nugent has it right:


If you watch the video very carefully, you can see that Officer Ben Fields orders her to stand up from the desk at least a couple of times… when all else fails… he had no choice but to take matters at his own hands. Officer Fields walks up to her and tries to get her to stand up from the desk himself but she wouldn’t stand up. She refused to stand up by using all of her strength to stay seated by using both of her arms to stay seated on the desk. She was probably pressing real hard to stay seated.

If she followed the teachers orders to leave and the police officer’s orders in the first place, then maybe that would have happened to her. So if you refuse to stand up when the officer orders you to, you should.

The stupid girl wouldn’t stand up no matter what happens so what else is the officer supposed to do? He had no choice but to yank her out like a rag doll. It was the only option he had.

A lot of people are acting like there’s no reason for the police officer to be there. You see, I disagree. Whenever you see a police officer at a school, chances are there’s gotta be a good reason. Maybe this stupid girl was bullying and harassing the other students? The teacher was in the middle of a teaching session and he didn’t like being interrupted. The teacher probably called the principal to handle her but maybe the principal was no use either so they had no other choice but to call the cops.

If you misbehave in school and refuse to follow directions from the teacher or the principals, chances are… you’re gonna get the police called on ya and I’ve seen it happen many many times when I was in high school.

So like Ted Nugent says, the little brat had it coming for sure. She should have followed directions and did what she was told.


Yep, I think I’m done supporting Quentin Tarantino… another celebrity libtard…

I think I’m officially done supporting Quentin Tarantino and his movies. Used to love his work but I’m done supporting him too. He’s just another Hollywood libtard like the rest of ’em. Him calling cops “murderers” is just insane and totally wrong. That’s the sad part of what’s going on in America right now. America made it okay to hate and disrespect cops. Libtard America wants to see our police as the “enemy” thanks to loudmouth Barack with his “If I had a son” speech that started it all.

By the way, Tarantino is not really telling the truth about what happened to Michael Brown and Freddie Gray.

Read this:


Tarantino is just another libtard jackass trying to make Michael Brown and Freddie Gray look innocent.

I’m sure other libtards in America are applauding Quentin for this, though. I think I’m gonna boycott “The Hateful Eight” too.

It’s kind of funny how Quentin would support the “Black Lives Matter” movement when his movies use the N word throughout most of it especially “Django Unchained” and there’s a scene in “Pulp Fiction” where a black man gets raped by a guy in a gimp suit. This is a guy who supports gun control and he has guns all over his movies. Yeah, so fuck him. I think I’ll stop watching his movies for good.


Zimmerman deserves peace & freedom, he doesn’t deserve all of this hatred…

What will it take to defend George Zimmerman? I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m standing with him 100%. So the media is going off about George retweeting a pic of Trayvon’s body and they think George retweeted that ’cause he’s proud of the killing? Well, to be honest with you, George should be proud. I really mean that ’cause Trayvon was a little punk and a trouble maker. He’s not some sweet innocent kid like the libtard left is trying to make him out to be.

The left is accusing George of following Trayvon and confronting him. Not true. It was Trayvon who confronted George. Go to youtube and watch the reenactment with George and the police. Listen to all the dispatcher calls and you would see. Trayvon was on drugs or something listen to what George says on the dispatcher calls, “He looks like he’s up to no good.” And then George says Trayvon had his hand in his “waistband” which might look like that Trayvon maybe carrying a weapon so I can’t blame George for being suspicious about that. Trayvon was walking around that neighborhood, walking through people’s yards and looking through the windows of people’s homes as if he was planning to break in so I think Trayvon deserved to get checked out. If I saw someone walking around someone’s yard and looking through the windows, I would check it out too.

Think about it, if George didn’t kill Trayvon and let him live… Trayvon probably would have killed George instead. Then it would be Trayvon who would be getting some prison time for murder. So yeah, once again, George should be proud of killing that little punk.

All the facts and evidence of George’s innocence is all out there but sure enough, people will never believe anything. Once again, they only believe what the media tells them. I think the media destroyed George’s life thanks to race baiter Obama with his, “If I had a son” speech. All of this hatred toward George is due to Obama’s race baiting. This is how this “Black Lives Matter” movement started.

Trayvon wasn’t an innocent little kid at all. Get over it and learn to accept it.

George should have been awarded some kind of medal for his heroism but instead people treat him like a monster thanks to race baiter Obama.

I don’t care about Trayvon. He was a little punk who got what he deserved. Like I said, if Trayvon wanted to live, he shouldn’t have attacked George in the first place.


Video: CJ Pearson “#ThugsDontMatter”… oh man, this is one of his best videos!!!

Uh oh…. I think CJ Pearson here is gonna set a firestorm with liberals and the MSM with this one. Out of all the videos he has in his channel this is his best one.

This is what we’ve been trying to tell liberals all along that all those thugs: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc. aren’t innocent at all and never were. There’s tons of evidence proving it but of course “Black Lives Matter” activists and liberals will always deny no matter what kind of proof is shown.

It’s a real shame that Al Sharpton and the Obama admin. wants to make them look like poor innocent kids who didn’t deserve it. Wake up, America. It’s how they are trying to divide the country and start a war against cops. It’s how they politicize gun control.

Get out of your fucking delusions for once and look at reality.

Black lives matter, hey? There are black on black crime everyday in America but nobody seems to give a damn about that.

I’m tired of the leftist hashtags. When will we ever get hashtags that will show American patriotism like: #WakeUpAmerica, #ImprisonObama, #Trump2016, etc. You get the deal but instead we get bullshit like, #BlackLivesMatter, #BringBackOurGirls, #LoveWins, etc. *sigh*


Sadly, the media made it okay for people to hate the police… didn’t the media used to be against police hating, though?

When I saw the movie, “Straight Outta Compton”, there were plenty of scenes in the movie that showed the mainstream media attacking rappers for hating the police. Back in those days, people used to be “offended” at people who were anti-cop. Now the media made it okay for people to be anti-cop. In the old days, it used be just rappers being anti-cop and it now seems that EVERYBODY is anti-cop.

I had to remove someone from facebook ’cause this guy won’t stop hating cops. His cop hating was getting out of hand. This morning he put up a post where more cops are getting shot and killed by black criminals which is happening more and more. This guy wrote that people must be getting sick of cops and it seemed liked he was praising the shooter and not showing any compassion for the officer that was killed at all. It seemed like that he was celebrating that cops are starting to get killed and he thinks they deserved it. I’m pretty sure the liberal left will applaud this guy for writing that post but the only people who seemed to be getting offended at cop-hating are mostly “right-wingers”.

Everybody should feel offended at “cop-hating” regardless of your party. People shouldn’t be hating on our police at all, whatsoever. Like I said before, if you hate the police so much then it’s pretty fucking obvious that you’ve had problems with them yourself in the past. Maybe people who hate the police have a criminal record, maybe had an arrest that was unfair to them and maybe people who hate the police had an argument or fights with them… that kind of stuff.

The media used to be against cop hating ’cause all they did was attack rappers for it. They attacked the NWA, Ice-T and many more to name. Now the media is trying to make it look like that cop hating is okay and they encourage it. Quite sad really. All the cop hating by libtard left. Everyday in facebook you see fucking libtards ranting about the police.

Don’t hate the police. Support our law enforcement ’cause they are here for a reason. They are the reason why we’re all still living and breathing. If there was no police and no laws, we all would probably be dead. Yes, some cops are abusive and can be on a power trip but not all of them. Most cops are professional at their jobs and friendly… it’s just that you’ll always run into a few bad ones.

This is what Barack Obama wants. They want us to hate the police and they’re winning. They do it to politicize gun control and to start “martial law”.

I will always support the police, I don’t care what anyone thinks. Police lives matter. All lives matter. I’m sick of this “Black Lives Matter” garbage and this is why we need Donald Trump in the White House. Once Donald Trump is in the White House, he’ll end this “Black Lives Matter” crap pretty fast. I’m tired of it all.


Was Sandra Bland’s death a suicide or was it a murder covered up???

There’s something about this story that doesn’t add up. I can see the Obama admin. having something to do with it as a way to keep this country more divisive. Declare martial law. Have an excuse to blame the police. You get the deal.



FBI will investigate death of Sandra Bland but won’t investigate Kate Steinle murder…

Kate Steinle who was gunned down by an illegal Mexican for no reason is worth being investigated by the FBI ’cause once again the FBI are the DOJ and Obama. The FBI won’t investigate deaths unless it fits the “Black Lives Matter”. Since Loretta Lynch is now in charge of the DOJ, it’s no surprise that she would have the Sandra Bland suicide investigated. It’s no surprise that Loretta Lynch would ignore Kate Steinle.

Sandra Bland death is more divisive politics. More divide and conquer stuff. “Black Live Matters” yes but the sound of that phrase is so racist itself, I can’t stand it. Black lives do matter yes but all lives matter. If you find that offensive, I don’t give a shit.


Kate Steinle is worthy of a federal investigation but it’ll never happen with the DOJ and Obama being in charge of the FBI and all.