Video: Woman gets spit on by Black Lives Matter protester at Trump rally in Albany…

This is not my footage, this video was made by someone else but something I found in youtube that the media will never show. This is the kind of behavior that the BLM crowd/Bernie supporters show to Trump supporters. It’s inappropriate, ya know? It pisses me off that Bernie would send these people over to bully Trump supporters. It makes me sick really.

This is also proof that black people still hate white people. I know I’ve been pretty mean talking trash about the loony protesters at the rally on video but after you’ve seen this footage below, you would see why they deserve the trash talking now, right?

I hate Bernie Sanders even more that he had the guts to send his supporters over to bully us. Just proof that Bernie is just desperate to win and would do anything. Everybody wants to blame Trump for inciting all of this but I totally blame Bernie all the way. Bernie should be arrested.


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