Bernie Sanders has gotten his insane fans to bully Trump supporters both online and offline…

It’s really amazing to me how much these Bernie fans worship the old man like he’s the King or if he’s God or something. It really is disgusting to me. They are willing to get themselves in trouble by bullying other voters who are not in their team. They would defend Bernie no matter what it takes. They don’t care if they get arrested at a Trump rally and they don’t care if they hurt someone. They don’t care if they break the law. They don’t care if your feelings are hurt. They would do ANYTHING this old man tells them. They would do or say ANYTHING to defend him. It really is quite pathetic.

I can understand how they are ’cause they believe their precious Bernie is a fearless “leader” and they think he’s the real deal. That’s why they believe their precious Bernie doesn’t deserve to get criticized. Well, I got NEWS for ya, IDIOTS! Bernie is NOT fearless and he’s NOT the real deal. Bernie is a liar and a fraud. He’s a secret communist pretending to be a Democratic Socialist or whatever he wants to call himself these days. All the Bernie worship is pretty funny and scary at the same time.

The reason Bernie fans are nothing but a bunch of bullies ’cause Bernie himself is a bully. Think about it, right? Bernie may seem like a nice guy and calm but the reality is, he isn’t. He’s nothing but an opinionated jackass. He’s the most delusional old man I’ve ever seen. He says the most silliest things like climate change causes terrorism and that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard him say and people actually believe him. Like I said before, these Bernie fans would believe everything he says even if he’s totally wrong. Bernie Sanders is a joke and I can’t understand why they have such a massive hardon for the guy.

Well one thing for sure, Bernie has gotten his fanatics to bully Trump supporters online and offline. If you bash their Bernie, they would be around to defend him. They would also make fun of you for supporting Donald Trump. If they see that you like Donald Trump, they would call you out whether online or in the real world. Bernie Sanders fans are almost like a religious cult. You know how in a religious cult, the cult members would follow their leader and worship him? Well Bernie and his fans are the same way it seems. Bernie and his little fans are like a religious cult. They would do anything for him.

They would do anything to get Bernie to win, they don’t care what it takes whether it will be invading Trump rallies and things like that. That’s all they care about. They want Bernie to win and they don’t care how he does it. The funny thing is, Bernie fans are accusing Hillary of cheating. Yes, Hillary is cheating the election — no doubt — but Bernie is ALSO cheating the election by invading Trump rallies when they shouldn’t have.

With that being said though, I still hope that Bernie wins the Democratic nomination ’cause I would rather have him as the Democratic nomination than Hillary but I’m afraid Bernie won’t have a chance. It’s probably gonna end up being Trump vs. Clinton in the General Election, sorry.



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