I agree it’s wrong to have Beyonce at the CMA’s… wtf?

The Dixie Chicks and the CMA’s are under fire for having Beyonce who is a pop/R&B singer performing at a country music awards show. The CMA’s are having a huge backlash ’cause of it. Of course, when people say that Beyonce shouldn’t be performing at a country awards show, people play the race card and get called a racist for it. Nothing new there.

Look, I have nothing against pop stars. I have nothing against black pop stars either as I enjoy some of them like I’m a fan of Rihanna and Janet Jackson for example.  I enjoy some pop music and some R&B but those performers should not be at a country music awards show.

Why was Beyonce there? Is it because nobody cares for country anymore and they’re getting desperate? The CMA’s were desperate for TV ratings for sure. Another reason Beyonce could have been brought in was that there’s lack of diversity in the country genre.

I don’t know, maybe it was appropriate to have Beyonce at the CMA’s ’cause country music is sounding more like pop and R&B these days anyways… so fuck it.

The industry is getting worse. I’m tired of Beyonce. The music industry just feels the needs to ram her down our throats everywhere and that’s all they’re doing.



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