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Thought: Al Sharpton on RAW last night…

Since last night’s RAW was in Albany, N.Y. at the Times Union Center last night, I wanted to blog about it. I didn’t go to the show, just saw it on TV. Rev. Al Sharpton was in town to start his education reform tour as to help promote it. So heĀ agreed to do RAW to help start the tour.

I was expecting a very good heel performance by Al Sharpton, I was expecting a powerful speech, a bad guy wrestler type of speech that I was expecting him to do…but instead we get something different. We get a childlike and happy Al Sharpton, he was playful, it was something for the kids since WWE is now a PG rating so they basically want all celebrity guest hosts to be all childlike to be entertaining for the kids.

At the opening segment of RAW MVP and Mark Henry did their speech with Chris Jericho and the Big Show interupting. Chris Jericho came out to praise Al Sharpton’s work in politics. When Al Sharpton came out to the ring, Al made it seem like he was flattered by Chris’s comments. Then Al announced that Chris Jericho/Big show were going to have a tag team championship match against MVP/Mark Henry later on RAW.

At first, Al Sharpton was getting booed by the crowd when he came out…but when Al announced the tag team championship match, the whole crowd of Albany NY gave Al a strong cheer.

After Al’s speech with the wrestlers, Al did a couple of backstage segments before the commercials. One was Al teaching a wrestler education while Chavo Guerrero was chasing Hornswoggle around the office. The second backstage segment was Al singing “I Feel Good” by James Brown with a couple of WWE Divas.

That was it, that was all the screen time Al Sharpton had. It was an entertaining fun type of thing, Al didn’t get into any physical action or nothing like that.

Al did a good job on the mic but I was hoping for something more.

WWE has gotten so childlike ’cause of the PG rating. I actually don’t mind the PG rating, I just want the celebrity hosting thing to get over with ’cause it’s lame.

Remember, WWE started off a PG rating when they first started in the 80’s, when Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, etc were all around back in the old days. WWE is going for the return of the 80’s style, that is the point of going PG so they can get more children to watch WWE like they did in the 80’s.

On last night’s RAW, for example, DX, Triple H and Shawn Michaels were talking trash at Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. In the early 90’s when it used to be PG-13, wrestlers used to talk about getting angry by using the word “pissed”, but since this is PG rating now, wrestlers can’t use that word anymore like they used to. Triple H was describing getting angry by using the Incredible Hulk as an example.

It actually wasn’t a bad RAW last night, it was pretty good. I just wish WWE did more with Al Sharpton, because he would have a better performance if he did more than just promote education reform.