All those black movie stars boycotting the Oscars are just mad that their work wasn’t nominated for anything… period???

So a bunch of black movie stars and black celebrities are boycotting the Oscars ’cause of lack of diversity. Now, Lupita Nyongo has jumped on the boycotting bandwagon. Will the Oscars host, Chris Rock back out of hosting? I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to do it. The reason the black movie stars and black film makers are mad at the Oscar is not ’cause of “lack of diversity”. That’s not what they’re mad about at all. They’re just jealous that their work hasn’t been nominated for anything. Like usual if things don’t go the black community’s way, everyone is racist.

Maybe it’s because their work wasn’t good enough to get an Oscar nod? Ever thought of that? Like I said in a post before, the Academy has always been about “talent” regardless of skin color. They look for talented people.

On top of that, the “Straight Outta Compton” movie got nominated for Best Screenplay, that should have been good enough for them but unfortunately not.

The black community needs to realize that life isn’t always fair. I also totally agree with Stacey Dash that we should get rid of the “BET Awards” and “Black History Month”.

I respect black people totally… I love ’em but they just need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them, ya know? Calling everyone and everything racist is getting old and tiresome. Can’t people come up with anything new? I’m tired of all this divisive crap. When will it end?


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