Facebook’s gay rainbow profile pics, an experiment to spy on your data???

This is interesting but at the same time, no surprise. While the Supreme Court shady ruling of “gay marriage” got facebook all excited and when they all changed their profile pics into a gay rainbow, they’ve must of fallen for a big scam. The rainbow pic was an experiment to mess with your minds. It was also an experient to get all of your personal data and spy on you.

Check these articles out:



I left facebook in perfect timing. 🙂

This was the big reason I left facebook, the gay rainbow. Seeing it all over people’s profile pics including all the celebrity & bands pages annoyed the hell out of me. So I said fuck ’em and left quietly without telling anyone. I don’t feel guilty leaving facebook as I still feel very happy about it. I’ve grown to hate facebook with a passion anyways. I got better things to do.


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