Trans and queer illegals protest in front of White House to end detentions of LGBT…

So Obama getting heckled by a Transgender illegal may have sparked a protest in front of the White House which is going on right now. The LGBT who are illegal immigrants protest in front of the White House begging Obama to stop detaining people who are LGBT.

This is what Obama got for leaving our borders open and giving permission for illegals to enter our country, now they are protesting against Obama. Karma’s a bitch, right?

If Obama cares so deeply about the LGBT why does he keep jailing them who are illegal immigrants? Obama makes “gay marriage” legal in the US and he’s been arresting LGBT who are illegals.

And more illegal transgenders will be jailed according to ICE:

So really, what’s going on here? Obama appears to be a hardcore gay right’s activist and now he’s arresting those LGBT illegals.

They shouldn’t be arrested, they should be deported and get ’em all the hell out of here.


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