Opeth, my new faovrite band??? Yes please! \m/

I’ve been wanting to get into Swedish metal band, Opeth for a long while. Just started listening to them in Spotify this week. So far I listened to their albums, “Orchid”, “Deliverance” and “Ghost Reveries”. Right now, I’m listening to their album, “Watershed” as I type this. I think Opeth is a new addiction for me. Their music really is great stuff and I’m glad I finally gotten into them.

I wanna start buying all their albums from Itunes soon but once I finish collecting the rest of Dream Theater’s and Joe Satriani’s albums, I’ll start collecting Opeth’s albums. I really admire and love Opeth’s music ’cause they’re really unique and different. They do a lot more than just play heavy guitars and screaming vocals. They do all kinds of genres. They also switch back and forth from growling vocals to singing regularly. Opeth goes from heavy to mellow.

Opeth is a fun band to listen to and I would suggest you to listen to them yourself.


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