Oh come on, liberals were never proud of America until they got their “gay marriage”…

Before the Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is supposedly now “legal” in all 50 states, this of course got libtards in America all excited. They were all jumping up and down like little kids at a birthday party. Before their gay marriage corruptly got legalized in the USA nationwide, I could have sworn that liberals hated America. For many years, liberals have shown so much hatred and disrespect. They kept politicizing everything that came their way with things like gun control, abortion, etc. The thing I’m trying to say is that liberals are not happy people until they get what they want. Liberals are these type of people when they are told “No” but they can’t take “No” as an answer. When they are told no, they keep begging until they get what they want. You know how when a child begs for a candy, the child’s mother says “No” and when the child cries and begs, she gives up and gives the child a candy? Well, that’s exactly how liberals act. They’re the type of people who will beg & beg & beg until they get what they want. What I’m trying to say is that liberals are a bunch of little babies. They really are.

I find it hilarious how “liberals” are all “patriotic” all of a sudden when they were never like this before the gay marriage ruling. I shake my head and like, wtf? Liberals were always negative about America… what are some good examples of their negativity? Well all this “Black Lives Matter” stuff for one. Their gun control obsession is another example… them wanting to take away our guns is just showing your hate toward America. Also, what about liberals hating religion and Christianity? Also, they’re hatred toward Conservatives and Republicans is another example. Liberals were never happy people from what I’ve seen. They were always attacking people who were anti-Obama and they don’t respect anyone’s opinions. They always have to fight & argue like children.

So how do you make liberals happy and get them to love America? Just give them what they want.

Us conservatives; however, we’ve always loved America. We love everything about this country and it’s why we’re here. So liberals acting all patriotic all of a sudden it’s just a bunch of bullshit.

I’m sorry but celebrating “gay marriage” isn’t “patriotism”. It just isn’t normal. “Patriotism” is loving the country for what it is and showing your love for the country by defending it and protecting it. What patriotism is, it’s trying to protect our homeland from bad people like terrorism and corrupted politicians. “Patriotism” is also showing that you love to live here. Celebrating gay marriage isn’t “patriotism”. “Patriotism” is the American Flag, not the fucking rainbow flag.

There’s a lot of loud mouth celebrities like Michael Moore and Ariana Grande bad mouthing America… there are tons of liberals with the same attitude. When was the last time you saw a liberal say something positive about America before the gay marriage ruling? I don’t think I have seen any of them say something positive about America. If you hate America so much then leave, simple? I don’t know why Barack Obama hates America so much, yet he became president… doesn’t make any sense to me and I’m sure many others wonder the same thing.


One thought on “Oh come on, liberals were never proud of America until they got their “gay marriage”…”

  1. In fact, the liberal fervor is anti-American. Liberals are tired for our Constitutional Republic and prefer rule by an Authoritarian, centralized power. They see waiting for wheels to turn in Congress and the Executive as “too slow” and “old fashioned.” They want the instant gratification that only a dictator or oligarchy can give. And they got it.

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