Video: Beth Hart “LA Song” (live)

I think Beth Hart’s live album, “Live at the Paradiso” is one of my favorite live albums I’ve ever heard. I love this woman’s music. I just listened to all of her albums thanks to Apple Music. I love her music ’cause she’s a great songwriter and love her singing voice. She doesn’t stay in one genre either. She plays a little bit of everything from rock n’ roll to blues to slow piano ballads. I even love her piano songs too.

I did hear her newest album, “Better Than Home” that she released this year. That album is so different than her previous albums ’cause there’s really no electric rock songs on it. That record is more mellower than everything she did but still a great album. I got into her music when I first saw the “Live at Paradiso” on TV when it first aired sometime back in the early 2000’s years.

I still got more Beth Hart music to listen to though… still got to listen to all the stuff she did with Joe Bonamassa and will this weekend. Love Beth Hart music. Her voice is pretty powerful and killer. I’ve been a fan of her stuff for a pretty long time and finally got around to hearing her albums.


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