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Valerie Jarrett came up with the idea to light up the White House in rainbows, of course she did!!!

Whose idea was it to come up with the White House being lit up in rainbows? It was Valerie Jarrett’s idea, of course. Do you honestly believe Obama himself could have came up with that idea??? Hell no. If it wasn’t for Valerie Jarrett, Obama wouldn’t have came up with the idea himself. Valerie Jarrett is the White House boss, not Obama. Valerie is calling all the shots on everything. If you noticed in the White House youtube channel, you can see that Valerie spends so much time with Barack. She’s always by his side, always.

The way I’m seeing it, I think the White House is full of lesbians and homosexuals in this administration. Valerie is a closeted lesbian, Joe Biden is gay and so is Josh Earnest. The White House is being run by homosexuals, all of them. Why do you think they’re desperately trying to shove this gay lifestyle in our faces? Them lighting the White House in rainbows is just their way of showing that the Obama admin. is full of gays and they just came out of the closet.


Valerie Jarrett is cancerous. Something needs to be done about her too. She’s Obama’s puppet master. If you wanna take down Obama, gotta take her down first.


Conservatives should get off of facebook and avoid it completely…

1 full day staying off of facebook yesterday. It’s gonna stay that way today and for the rest of my life probably. Why did I get off of facebook? I think you would probably figure out right away that it was probably the big gay marriage celebration and I’m sure it’s still going by libtards in facebook now. Ever since the ruling announcement by the corrupt, Supreme Court, the rainbow has taken over the internet. The rainbow is everywhere you look now.

The rainbow was all over my newsfeed all over facebook yesterday. It did drove me crazy so right away, I deactivated my account without telling anyone I was leaving. That’s okay, though. I’m sure people won’t miss me and won’t care ’cause I’m not that important. At first, I thought about deleting and blocking everybody that put the rainbow as their profile pic but then I thought to myself, “Why don’t I just leave facebook completely”? That’s what I just did. Just my way of telling gay marriage supporters, “Fuck you, I’m outta here”.

The rainbow is even all over celebrity pages, musicians & bands pages and all that stuff. A lot of people in the entertainment industry kept politics out of their careers but when the “gay marriage” ruling came, it turns out that liberalism is everywhere. Even from your favorite bands & movie stars are liberals as well. When celebrities & bands would change their profile pic to a rainbow, it would anger their conservative fans. Many conservatives have threatened to “unlike” their page. I know it sucks but just get off of facebook completely like I just did. It’ll save you a headache.

Liberals and “gay marriage” supporters think they are winning but they aren’t really. So liberals wanna start a fucking war with “conservatives”? Well, they’re gonna fucking get one and us on the “right” are gonna fight back real hard now. Liberals think that “gay marriage” being the law the of the land now is gonna end well for them but it’s not gonna end well for them. It’s gonna get back to them somehow. Well, they’re so obsessed with wanting “gay marriage”… well how are gay couples gonna divorce when they find that they don’t really love each other after all? A gay divorce is gonna be kind of tricky. So if “same sex” marriage is what they want, they better make sure that they love each other for life ’cause “divorce” is never gonna happen. Someday, liberals are gonna realize that “gay marriage” is impossible after all this time ’cause of the “divorce” part. Think about it, right?

Back to facebook, I deleted it ’cause it was also too liberal for me for the most part. Most everyone in my friendslist were all liberal people. I did have some conservatives in my friendslist but not too many. I feel proud what I did, seriously. After several years being on facebook, I decided it was best for me to get the hell out of there. There are other reasons why I left… too much drama & negativity. I also felt I had better things to do in my life and wanted to spend more time away from social networking like work on my guitar playing and music. Leaving facebook was probably the best thing I’ve done and I really mean it that I’ll probably stay away from there, permanently.

In facebook, I tried my best to tell everybody about Barack Obama and the US government but nobody wants to listen to me. The left is pretty one-sided, it’s crazy. As usual, all the left wants to do is defend Barack Obama and dispute everything I say of what’s going on in the country.

I have noticed that more and more people decided to leave facebook and I can see why. It’s crazy as hell in there. Twitter is better so I’ll stay there. I’ve always liked twitter more than facebook, anyways.


Glenn Beck warns that liberals fight for “gay rights” is far from over, this is only the beginning…

Yeah, so liberals and gay rights activists got their dream of “gay marriage” all over the USA but it’s NOT gonna stop there, Glenn Beck warns. Now they’re gonna find other ways to fight for “gay rights” for example things like forcing Churches to be acceptance of homosexuality and if you still believe in “traditional” marriage, they’ll do whatever they can so you can have a change of heart with gay marriage. They’re going to be stripping away your rights for having an opinion when you should have every right to.

They’re gonna try to censor anyone who believes in traditional marriage like me.


The gay rights activists or the “Homosexual Mafia” (as to what ET Williams calls them) is already on the move of censorship ’cause it was the gays that had the Dr. Of Common Sense’s youtube channel shut down for a while.

The homosexual Mafia and liberals are gonna attack hard. They’re gonna try to ban Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and other famous right-wing people. Hell they might even try to ban me… which comes to explain is the reason why I deactivated my facebook page. Facebook has gotten a bit too liberal. That’s because Mark Zuckerberg is a liberal and he’s an Obama supporter. I deactivated my facebook account this morning ’cause I grew tired of the newsfeed of rainbows. That’s part of the reason I deleted my facebook page. I don’t feel bad about it at all as I feel pretty damn good that I did that. I’ve been thinking about leaving facebook for a pretty long time and actually did it today! It’s probably gonna be permanent and I don’t think I’ll be going back ever. I really mean that too. Another reason I left facebook ’cause I felt I had better things to do in life and wanted to spend more time away from it.

Back to the topic, we’re really doomed. Our Freedom of Speech is in serious danger ’cause of liberal intolerance. Liberal intolerance is gonna get much worse. This is only the beginning, y’all.

I’ll always be a traditional marriage believer. I agree that “Love” is for everyone but not “Marriage”. Sorry but I’m always gonna stick to that no matter what anyone says or does. Liberal politics is getting way out of hand.


James Woods responds to yesterday’s Gay Marriage ruling and gets twitter all fired up!!!

Seriously, is this kind of behavior that we’re gonna have to accept? We’re gonna have to get forced to accept this? Is this what we want to teach our children in America that this perverted behavior is okay?

Really, libtard America??? Are you out of your freakin’ minds? Wow! Un-fucking-believable!



Liberals needs to stop assuming that the GOP are against Obama’s policies ’cause after today, it’s not true at all…

Walter Jones described today’s SCOTUS ruling in one simple hashtag:

You’ll never see that hashtag as a trending topic in twitter and facebook.

Today’s SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare was predictable but no surprise. Liberals always believe that the GOP are against Obama’s bad policies but after today, it’s not true. Stop assuming that the GOP are fighting back at Obama when they are actually on his side and helping him. The GOP was successful at saving Obamacare today.


The Supreme Court is corrupted and broken. Chief Roberts is a traitor and needs to be impeached.

Enjoy Obamacare, y’all. Hope the ACA works out for ya. Remember, the GOP are not enemies with Obama at all. Boehner and McConnell are Obama’s lapdogs, always have been.

Our US government is corrupted on both sides… both the Democrats and Republicans are broken. What Obama wants is what he gets. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that the Republicans would work with Obama so he can get a third term as president and if that doesn’t happen, “Martial Law” will be declared so don’t get too excited for the upcoming elections ’cause it may not happen at all. Obama will be president until America is destroyed and Republicans are working with him to make that happen.

We’re really doomed.


Will the Supreme Court destroy Obamacare???

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Obamacare in a big way pretty soon and it could strip 6.4 million people off of health care subsidies in late June.

More and more people have been opposing the ACA lately which is good and no surprise. I’m no fan of the Washington Post but I thought I would post this.


If you want even more proof that the GOP have been siding with Obama on a lot of things, they even side with Obama on the ACA. They’re getting worried that the Supreme Court is gonna give the ACA a major smackdown soon.


One thing for sure is that I hate when people actually support Obamacare and there are even people I know in my life who are actually enrolled into the fucking thing.

I won’t support the ACA and I will never enroll myself into it. I won’t care if I was forced to enroll into it… wanna fine me big or throw me in jail? Bring it on. I don’t want anything to do with the ACA whatsoever.

The law is disastrous. It’s set out to ruin people’s lives and I’ve been trying to say that since day 1. As a matter of fact, nobody really cared for Obamacare until that “Between Two Ferns” video came out. That’s when everybody started getting all over it.

Anyone who defends the ACA is a fucking idiot and an uneducated loser. Some people blindly support the ACA ’cause they are a liberal and they would support anything Obama does no matter the situation.

I wouldn’t trust anything under Obama… I don’t care how much it claims to help people ’cause anything under Obama doesn’t help people. Obama’s goal is to make us all go broke and soon we’ll all be living out in the streets trying to survive.

The ACA is full of illegal things in it… that’s what those delusional idiot liberals can’t understand. It seems to me that liberals don’t really care about the law. They’ll back anything Obama does ’cause he is their King.

Anyone who supports Obamacare or if you’re even enrolled in it is a dumbass and a stupid idiot. Enjoy it. I can’t wait to read complaints from you of how expensive it’s gotten.  People claim that Obamacare works and is “successful” but I don’t buy into their lies. They’re lying and I know it.

This law needs to go. I don’t give a shit what anyone says or thinks.


Final words on the contraception topic and then I’m shutting up about it…

My opinion on this matter still stands. If women are so worried about getting pregnant during sexual intercourse, then they should keep their fucking legs closed. There’s nothing wrong with what I said at all. It’s just the truth and common sense. You guys find it offensive and think it’s degrading? Good.

I was right about my views on contraception all along:

From this link…


Contraception is the use various devices, drugs, agents, sexual practices, or surgical procedures to prevent conception or impregnation (pregnancy). Contraception helps women plan if and when they want to have a baby. The condom is the only current contraception device that helps protect sexual partners from STIs

As you can see, contraception doesn’t go any deeper than sexual intercourse. That’s all contraception is. In my view, it’s just a fear of women getting pregnant.

I was also right on using the word, “contraceptive” as even this article used that word many times which is coming from a medical website.

It is also definitely possible to avoid sex. There is more to life than just sex. I do want to get laid myself, don’t get me wrong but I’m in no hurry for it. There’s no need to rush it. It’s actually good to not have sex. You won’t have to worry about getting women pregnant or getting STD’s.

We also shouldn’t have to get forced to pay for women’s personal problems. If Hobby Lobby agreed to pay for contraception, our tax dollars would be going to that stuff. I have no issues with birth control or contraception but let women handle their own problems by paying for it themselves. We can’t hand them over free contraception and that’s what it’s gonna do. We can’t spoil these women.

I am entitled to my own opinions and beliefs, if you don’t like it or find it offensive, that’s tough shit and that’s your call. I’m willing to tell the truth. I don’t care how many I piss off or offend. That’s what I’m about and that’s what this blog about. So if you come here reading and if you’re complaining, it’s your own fault.

Complain and whine all you want, nothing is stopping me from speaking my mind and telling the truth. I don’t feel guilt or regret of what I said about this at all. I feel pretty damn good about it. You’re welcome.

Keeping the comments closed on this. No need for debating.