Will the Supreme Court destroy Obamacare???

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Obamacare in a big way pretty soon and it could strip 6.4 million people off of health care subsidies in late June.

More and more people have been opposing the ACA lately which is good and no surprise. I’m no fan of the Washington Post but I thought I would post this.


If you want even more proof that the GOP have been siding with Obama on a lot of things, they even side with Obama on the ACA. They’re getting worried that the Supreme Court is gonna give the ACA a major smackdown soon.


One thing for sure is that I hate when people actually support Obamacare and there are even people I know in my life who are actually enrolled into the fucking thing.

I won’t support the ACA and I will never enroll myself into it. I won’t care if I was forced to enroll into it… wanna fine me big or throw me in jail? Bring it on. I don’t want anything to do with the ACA whatsoever.

The law is disastrous. It’s set out to ruin people’s lives and I’ve been trying to say that since day 1. As a matter of fact, nobody really cared for Obamacare until that “Between Two Ferns” video came out. That’s when everybody started getting all over it.

Anyone who defends the ACA is a fucking idiot and an uneducated loser. Some people blindly support the ACA ’cause they are a liberal and they would support anything Obama does no matter the situation.

I wouldn’t trust anything under Obama… I don’t care how much it claims to help people ’cause anything under Obama doesn’t help people. Obama’s goal is to make us all go broke and soon we’ll all be living out in the streets trying to survive.

The ACA is full of illegal things in it… that’s what those delusional idiot liberals can’t understand. It seems to me that liberals don’t really care about the law. They’ll back anything Obama does ’cause he is their King.

Anyone who supports Obamacare or if you’re even enrolled in it is a dumbass and a stupid idiot. Enjoy it. I can’t wait to read complaints from you of how expensive it’s gotten.  People claim that Obamacare works and is “successful” but I don’t buy into their lies. They’re lying and I know it.

This law needs to go. I don’t give a shit what anyone says or thinks.


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