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Yes, I still believe in traditional marriage… today’s a sad day for America…

Yes, I understand that love is love. Yes, I understand that two people in the same sex can fall in love all they want to but…. marriage wasn’t created for them. Marriage was created for a reason and it wasn’t intended to be husband/husband and wife/wife. Traditional marriage is losing the respect that it doesn’t deserve. There are still traditional marriage believers but those believers are slowly diminishing ’cause there are way too many liberals out there. Today’s announcement by the Supreme Court of them striking down DOMA and Prop 8 was no surprise really.

Whatever the government can do to get people’s minds off the IRS scandals and the wiretapping stuff.

We have a tyrant of a President who is shredding our Constitution to pieces, committing illegal war crimes, arming dangerous people, and the list goes on — yet people want to ignore that stuff and concentrate on less important stuff such as marriage equality.

People should have all their right to believe in traditional marriage. We don’t hate gay people, we respect ’em. We just respect the traditional way of marriage and that’s the way it should be. I was gonna write my thoughts about this in facebook this morning but I didn’t want to get into a heated & controversial debate against those marriage equality supporters. People just don’t understand traditional marriage at all. Nobody’s being discriminated against, it’s about the traditional part of things, ya know?

I don’t believe kids should be raised by gay parents. It’s my opinion and I have the right for it. If you don’t like what I say on here, you can stop reading my blog, please. Liberals…. damn, those people are annoying.


Report: Steven Spielberg and Kate Capeshaw donate $100,000 to fight against Prop 8 on gay marriage ban…

Brad Pitt is not the only one supporting gay marriage being legal in California and trying to fight back at Prop 8, you can now add Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw to the list. Proposition 8 is on the attack to get gay marriage banned again in California. Hollywood celebrities are fighting back at them to stop them. Spielberg and Capshaw donated $100,000, Brad Pitt already donated the same amount of money last week to the campaign. Spielberg says every gay men and women deserve the right for marriage, and calls it discrimination if it wasn’t allowed.

More on it here:


Kudos, glad that Hollywood is fighting back. Every human being deserves to be treated equal whether you agree with their sex life or not.