Now that gay marriage is the law of the land, the debate against gay marriage supporters gets a lot tougher…

Yeah, so gay marriage is now the law of the land. I would say that I’m not proud of it. I’m very angry and pissed off for sure but what are you gonna do? The liberal left is obsessed with homosexuality. They try to force us to accept gay marriage. A lot of us try to defend traditional marriage, the way marriage was originally supposed to be but we’re losing for sure. We should have every right to disagree with gay marriage. Now that gay marriage is law of the land, the liberal intolerance will get a lot worse. Gay marriage supporters will never listen to people who oppose it at all. The only people they’ll listen to is the SCOTUS and the MSM. Liberals believe gays have the right to marry just because the SCOTUS and the MSM says so. They now believe that gay marriage is now a constitutional right just because the SCOTUS says it is.

Wrong. The US Constitution doesn’t grant the USA the rights at all for gays to marry. People don’t understand the meaning of “all men are created equal” or the 14th Amendment at all. Which those two are the reasons why liberals believe that gay marriage is a constitutional right. There’s no where in the Constitution where it gives gays the right to marry. Not at all. It’s just that we have a broken and corrupt Supreme Court. Last time I remember, liberals used to hate the Supreme Court but now they love them all of a sudden. Ya know, just because the SCOTUS says “gay marriage” is a constitutional right doesn’t mean it is. They could be committing a criminal act themselves. I think they did it out of conflict of interest. They probably did it to avoid a liberal backlash or just to make the Obama admin. happy. The SCOTUS justices were probably threatened by the Obama admin. by blackmail, lawsuit, etc.

Anybody that believes the SCOTUS and trusts them is a loser. Anybody that believes the SCOTUS has the right to change the laws of “marriage” is a loser. The US Government and the SCOTUS has no right to redefine marriage at all.

We gotta get Donald Trump in the White House and get our country back. We can change it back to where it was before. We can ban gay marriage again… there are other ways.

The point of this post is that debating about “gay marriage” with liberals is getting pointless and a huge waste of time. You’ll never win with them now. That’s why I try my best to stay out of the “gay marriage” debate as best as possible.

Kim Davis has all of her right to give the middle finger to gay marriage. Whether you like her or not, it doesn’t matter. I think she’s fighting to bring traditional marriage back is what she’s doing. She probably knew what she did was risky but she didn’t care. She wanted to bring back traditional marriage was her goal. She new that gay marriage is the law of the land but she didn’t care. She’s a real American and fought for religious rights is what she did. It apparently pissed off all the liberals which is great. She may have broken the law but whatever it takes to fight for religious freedoms.

Liberals are a bunch of losers. It’s interesting how they care about the law and the Constitution since gay marriage is the law of the land. They never cared about the law and the Constitution at all before that. Fuck ’em.


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