Video: Not having sex with black people is racist???

While people are freaking out over Kim Davis and the Nicole Arbour video, another new debate just exploded on the internet today. Is it racist to not have sex with people who are not in your own race? The question is actually pretty interesting, really.

What do I think? You probably wonder if I would sleep with women who are not white. Would I? Absolutely, I would! I love black girls and I love Asian girls too. Preference don’t really matter to me really. I don’t care about skin color. I treat them like people. If I love them and if they love me, that’s all that matters really.

Does it make someone racist if you refuse to sleep with blacks, asians, hispanics or whatever?

No, it absolutely does not. The word “racist” has been beaten to death throughout the 8 years of Obama’s presidency and I’m tired of it already. Preference doesn’t matter to me but I can understand why it matters to others. Another silly and dumb debate about “race”. All that Ferguson and Freddie Gray stuff is all over and done with so liberals need to try to find something else to do some more race-baiting on… keep it going.


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