The Top Ten Best KISS albums…

Well I finished listened to KISS’s entire catalog of albums and it was quite a ride. I enjoyed them all honestly but in this post I’m going to name their 10 best ones.

Here we go:

1. “Dressed To Kill”
(The album that has their anthem “Rock and Roll All Nite”, the rest of this album is great too)

2. “KISS” (1974)
(Another earlier Ace era album which is a classic. Songs like “Strutter”, “Cold Gin” and “Deuce” are golden but the rest of this album is badass too.)

3. “Love Gun”
(Of course, can’t leave this masterpiece out. It’s a badass record.)

4. “Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions”
(Even though Ace Frehley is no longer involved in this one, it’s a still a killer album. Pretty tight and heavy. Bruce Kulick is the guitarist in this one and he’s actually pretty good)

5. “Creatures of the Night”
(Another badass Kiss album.)

6. “Music From the Elder”
(I was pretty surprised with this one ’cause they went in a different direction that was pretty risky. They took a break from their usual hard rock stuff in this one. This record is more mellower and they use more orchestration. More vocal harmonies and chants. Pretty cool album. Had to include this one)

7. “KISS: Ace Frehley”
(One of their four solo albums that they did in 1978 and out of the four solo albums, I’d say of course, Ace did the best solo record. This album is awesome)

8. “KISS: Gene Simmons”
(Out of the four KISS solo records in 1978, Gene Simmons would be the second best. I was impressed with this record as well. Gene is a good singer and songwriter. He did a cover of “Wish You Upon a Star” that song from “Pinocchio” and he did a beautiful job with that cover. This was a good album)

9. “Psycho Circus”
(The album that reunited the original lineup and of course, it’s a killer album. Loved it)

(Now I can see why this album is called one of the greatest live albums in music ’cause it really is. This album is definitely a classic!)

There ya go. I enjoyed listening to KISS albums and now I’m a huge fan.


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