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Thoughts on this whole Roseanne getting cancelled over tweet joking about Valerie Jarrett thing… just more double standards and left-wing hypocrisy… nothing to see here, y’all…


Some of you are probably wondering what my thoughts about this are by now. Ya know, Roseanne show getting canceled all of a sudden over a tweet Roseanne herself posted on twitter making fun of former Obama official, Valerie Jarrett. The reason Roseanne is in hot water for this is ’cause Roseanne made a joke about comparing Valerie Jarrett to Planet of the Apes and Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, liberals and the die-hard left are outraged… calling her racist and they’ve even gone as far as calling Roseanne supporters racist too. Sickening.

When will the left ever apologize for their harassment and bullying toward people who don’t think the same way they do? The left has said 10x’s much worse things to people on the right. So it’s okay to call Donald Trump an ape too? It’s okay to make fun of his weight and pick on his so-called health problems? It’s okay to pick on his hair and other things???

It’s okay for the left to call conservatives all kinds of nasty and horrible names like racists, white supremacists, nazis, misogynists, bigots, homophobes, teabaggers, islamaphobic and on and on and  on????

It’s okay for left-wing TV personalities such as Bill Maher, Joy Behar, Kimmel, Keith Olberman, Rosie O’ Donnell and others to spew their hatred toward Trump and conservatives?

This is the media’s view of the world: it’s good to be a liberal and bad to be conservative. Messed up.

As far as Roseanne comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape and a Muslim, she did nothing wrong, in my opinion. I thought it was funny and she’s so right on that. Liberals are upset ’cause it’s racist and Valerie is a black woman. Really? Um, no. Valerie is not a black woman at all. If you look at her skin, she’s definitely white. I don’t see how it’s racist at all. Just stupid libtards looking for a reason to call Roseanne a racist.

This whole thing was planned out and orchestrated by the media. They wanted Roseanne’s show pulled off the air and they got it. They waited for Roseanne to say something stupid and they jumped in on the opportunity to make her look bad. This is just more liberal double standards and hypocrisy like usual.

The left never gets hold to account for their horrible things they said and did, but it’s conservatives are always the ones that are getting in trouble. It’s so sickening.

Never apologize to the left; no matter how outraged and offended they get. I never did. We’re in an age where conservatives get in trouble for saying certain things even if there’s nothing wrong with them. Always stick to your guns and never cave into the left. I never did.

Roseanne didn’t do anything wrong and you know it, too. She got attacked ’cause of her support for Trump and for her “free thinking” beliefs. Period. End of story. When it was announced that Roseanne’s comeback show was going back to ABC, I predicted ABC would be the wrong network for it after the same network cancelled “Last Man Standing” over politics.

I’m tired of the ass-kissing toward Obama and his former administration officials.

Once again Valerie isn’t black, she’s an Iranian woman. She’s not African-American at all, lol. So what Roseanne did wasn’t racist.

I’m tired of the term “racist”. Most overused term in history. Come up with new attacks, idiots.

With all this being said, I stand with Roseanne Barr. All this makes me love her even more now. Her show will possibly be moved over to FOX which means even bigger ratings.


Here is proof that Obama is trying to take down Hillary, FBI investigating her private e-mail server…

It’s a known fact that the President and the DOJ are in charge of the FBI. So Obama finally orders the FBI to investigate Hillary. The FBI is in charge by the DOJ which means that Loretta Lynch is now in charge of the FBI. I would think that Obama sent Loretta Lynch to investigate Hillary by the FBI. It’s coming, y’all. Hillary going to Federal prison, she won’t even make through the elections at all. Barack Obama is gonna take her down himself.


Why are Barack and Hillary no longer getting along? I’m sure it had something to do with Benghazi. Hillary is set to testify in Benghazi in Oct. for Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee so that says something about it. Is Hillary about to talk? Will she finally tell the truth about Benghazi and expose Obama? Will she give herself up and reveal all?

Is this why Barack and Valerie are desperate in trying to take her down? Hillary knows so much about Benghazi and she knows more than anybody… that’s probably why Obama & Jarrett are scared.

Anyway, something definitely did happen between Barack and Hillary. Did they have a heated argument behind the scenes?

I don’t think America has anything to worry about Hillary getting elected ’cause she’s not gonna make it. Barack and Valerie are gonna throw her in prison.

While it’s good that Hillary is having this coming, Barack and Valerie needs to get investigated too. They also need to be thrown in prison for their involvement in Benghazi too. It’s not conspiracy theory at all… it’s just the truth that America have chosen to ignore.


Ahmed Abu Khatallah wasn’t the culprit of Benghazi, Obama and Valerie Jarrett were…

Ahmed was probably involved in the Benghazi attacks but I think he was there that night to take orders from Obama and Valerie Jarrett. Khatallah getting caught is just another cover-up to help protect Obama and Jarrett. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do let Khatallah walk ’cause they won’t find evidence of his involvement. If Khatallah does walk then that should show Obama’s and Jarrett’s involvement in Benghazi.

Yes, Hillary was running the show but she was probably taking orders… Being told what to do by Jarrett while Obama goes to sleep to rest up for his Vegas fundraiser the next day.


The Judiciary Watch investigates Obama over Benghazi but Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee doesn’t. All Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee is all Hillary, Hillary, Hillary… Ugggghhh…

It’s real sad that we’ve never gotten to the bottom of Benghazi when it should be easy. Valerie and Barack covered their tracks well.


Obama and Valerie Jarrett… desperately trying to put Hillary Clinton in prison? It seems so…

I’m beginning to think that maybe Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Select Committee was started so they can stop Hillary Clinton before she becomes president in 2016. I’m starting to see it, I guess. How would this happen? It’s simply because Obama and Valerie Jarrett both hate Hillary and they are desperate in trying to take Hillary down. Since Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee was ordered by Speaker John Boehner, keep in mind that Boehner is Obama’s lapdog. Do you think Obama may have pushed Boehner to get a new Benghazi investigation as a way to make Hillary look bad? The Benghazi Select Committee have been going on for a while and so far, they haven’t investigated Obama & Valerie yet. Obama & Valerie were the big culprits of Benghazi, they were behind the whole attack to begin with. It’ll be impossible to put Obama & Valerie in a Federal prison since they are in charge of the feds anyway but they can put away Hillary anytime they want to, though. Benghazi would be considered a Federal crime so it would be impossible to put Obama in prison when he’s a sitting president still.

However, they can’t just lock up Hillary yet… they need proof to find her guilt so I believe Obama & Valerie ordered Boehner to start the Benghazi Select Committee in which Gowdy is in charge of. Hoping to stop Hillary from getting elected president before 2016. Obama and Valerie both hate Hillary and they’re doing whatever they can to take her down. That’s why the media turned their back on Hillary. The media used to be all lovable to Hillary but they aren’t anymore all of a sudden. The media and Hillary broke up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama & Valerie would be successful at throwing Hillary in prison. They don’t want Hillary to become president. Since Obama can’t get re-elected, it looks like… now they’re trying to push Joe Biden out there as a Hillary replacement. Oh man, if Joe Biden gets elected president in 2016, imagine if Barack Obama becomes Joe’s Vice-president/running mate? Think how scary that would be if that happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, though.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens in 2016 and I really hope and pray that Trump wins the whole election so America can be saved. I’m tired of the corrupt democrat party doing all they can to destroy America. Enough is enough!


Chuck Woolery is right about the Obama admin. and Muslims…

Remember Chuck Woolery? The famous game show host? Well, it’s appearing that he has conservative views and he’s no fan of Obama. See? I’m not alone that this admin. seems to care more for Muslims than us Americans. It’s so damn true.

When Obama said he will stand with Muslims, he really meant it and he’s doing exactly that. Also, it seems that Valerie Jarrett who is Obama’s puppet master has been helping Obama trying to turn America into a Muslim country ’cause she’s from Iran and she is probably Muslim herself… check this quote out:

Valerie has been planning to turn America into a more Islam country for years and she’s doing exactly that. This admin. has been protecting Islam every step of the way while at the same time, they’ve been shipping weapons and money to Islam terrorists all over the world. That’s how things like Benghazi and Operation: F&F happened. They keep running guns and weapons to Muslim countries like Egypt, Syria, etc. Obama even tried to make Bowe Bergdhal and his family look good and they’re Muslim too.

Uggggghhhh, I’m so tired of this admin. ramming Islam down our throats and it’s getting worse too. This is why we need a Republican president in the White House ’cause we need a real leader who has the balls to say that Islam is evil. We need a real leader who is not afraid to say these two words, “Islamic Terrorism” just like Donald Trump did on O’ Reilly:


This is why Donald Trump continues to get my respect. He’s the only candidate so far that have called the Chattanooga shooting, “Islamic Terrorism”. We also need a real leader who will grieve for the deaths of those 4 Marines with their families and not take off to NYC for a Broadway play.

I know I’ve been posting a lot today but I’ve had a lot on my mind.


Valerie Jarrett came up with the idea to light up the White House in rainbows, of course she did!!!

Whose idea was it to come up with the White House being lit up in rainbows? It was Valerie Jarrett’s idea, of course. Do you honestly believe Obama himself could have came up with that idea??? Hell no. If it wasn’t for Valerie Jarrett, Obama wouldn’t have came up with the idea himself. Valerie Jarrett is the White House boss, not Obama. Valerie is calling all the shots on everything. If you noticed in the White House youtube channel, you can see that Valerie spends so much time with Barack. She’s always by his side, always.

The way I’m seeing it, I think the White House is full of lesbians and homosexuals in this administration. Valerie is a closeted lesbian, Joe Biden is gay and so is Josh Earnest. The White House is being run by homosexuals, all of them. Why do you think they’re desperately trying to shove this gay lifestyle in our faces? Them lighting the White House in rainbows is just their way of showing that the Obama admin. is full of gays and they just came out of the closet.


Valerie Jarrett is cancerous. Something needs to be done about her too. She’s Obama’s puppet master. If you wanna take down Obama, gotta take her down first.


Benghazi was all Obama & Valerie Jarrett, NOT Hillary…

While it’s good that the mainstream media is trying to focus on getting Hillary held accountable for the Benghazi attacks, she isn’t really the one that they should be trying to bring down. My question is, why isn’t the media targeting Obama & Valerie Jarrett??? It’s good that the media goes after Hillary but why not go after Obama & Valerie? They are the real “culprits”. That’s what the media should be focused on but nope, they seem to be bringing Hillary down hoping to give Bernie Sanders the spotlight in the upcoming election. Obama and Valerie should be the target, not Hillary. Why isn’t Obama and Valerie all over the news instead of Hillary? That’s the question I’ve been wondering for a pretty long time.


Obama just got exposed for Benghazi, yet liberal media reports about Obama’s umbrella instead… seriously???

While news of Obama knowing about terrorists planning to attack Benghazi 10 days in advance just got exposed by the Judicial Watch, you don’t see that anywhere in the mainstream news but instead you see the mainstream media being all over Obama’s umbrella like if it’s big news. Really? Obama’s umbrella being big news instead of Benghazi? Who cares about Obama sharing his umbrella with his staffers.

That’s the problem with the media. They refuse to report stuff about Obama’s criminal actions but instead they report stuff about Obama’s new twitter page and his umbrella.

It’s crazy, ya know?

As far as my thoughts for the video, this shows that Obama and Valerie Jarrett spend way too much time together. Look at them walking together like a happy couple, arms wrapped around each other. I know it seems impossible that a President of the United States would have a boss but Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s boss. She’s the one calling all the shots and telling him what to do. Valerie is Obama’s mentor and teacher. The more you see them together, the more you start to see that. She’s probably the one helping him with all the cover ups of his crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, the IRS, etc. Barack Obama is dumb and not intelligent. He doesn’t know how to be president at all so he’s having Valerie teach him. She’s his puppetmaster.


Man, just put Hillary in jail already!!!!

If this was Sarah Palin, she would have been thrown in jail right away. Do liberal politicians really have all this political power? Do they really think they’re above the law? I know “right wing” politicians can be corrupt and criminal but when will both parties ever be held accountable for their criminal actions? The law should apply for everyone regardless of your political views.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to put away Hillary or even Obama when it should be very easy.

Reasons why I think it’s so hard to put them away is not only because of their “left-wing” political power… their “fame” is a part of it as well.

It’s interesting how liberals don’t like “right-wingers’ bashing their precious Hillary and Barack when all they do is bash Sarah Palin and George W. like the hypocrites they are. I should have a video rant about that soon.

Back to Hillary, since Valerie and Barack don’t like Hillary and doing all they can to destroy her, I think they’ll put her in jail soon. Give it time, everyone. Next thing you know, Valerie and Barack will release Benghazi records that will damage Hillary’s reputation for good. You know it’s coming. In order for Barack to stop Hillary from running for President, destroying her over Benghazi is key and I think that’s why Valerie leaked the e-mail stuff.

Still though, I wonder what Hillary did to upset Barack? They’re feuding for some reason. I think it definitely had something do with Benghazi. Who knows, maybe Hillary is the one who is upset at him? Maybe she didn’t want those 4 men dead and she was planning on saving them but Valerie and Barack wouldn’t let her? Anyway, whatever it is Hillary and Barack are fighting about, something happened during Benghazi. The truth will come soon enough.

If Hillary goes to jail for the e-mail thing, that will be good… if only we can somehow lock up Valerie and Barack too.


Obama and Hillary not getting along after all???

Turns out that Valerie Jarrett was behind the e-mail leaks which is no surprise, of course. Then Bill Clinton goes on to claim that the Obamas are out to get them. It’s looking like that Obama and Hillary haven’t been getting along at all lately.

So is this why the national news media turned their backs on Hillary all of a sudden? Obama and Jarrett ordered the liberal news media to stop protecting Hillary? That’s probably what happened.

Obama is out to destroy Hillary now so for the liberals who are “Ready For Hillary” don’t get your hopes up ’cause Obama is gonna do whatever it takes to not make her get the nomination.


Why did Obama and Hillary break up all of a sudden? Did it have anything to do with Benghazi? Probably. She got subpoenaed by the Benghazi Select Committee. Why is Obama mad at Hillary now? Was she planning to testify with Trey Gowdy and tell the truth about Benghazi this time? Was she finally gonna talk Benghazi truth? Maybe that’s what it is. We’ll have to wait and see. Either way, she did something to piss him off.