Chuck Woolery is right about the Obama admin. and Muslims…

Remember Chuck Woolery? The famous game show host? Well, it’s appearing that he has conservative views and he’s no fan of Obama. See? I’m not alone that this admin. seems to care more for Muslims than us Americans. It’s so damn true.

When Obama said he will stand with Muslims, he really meant it and he’s doing exactly that. Also, it seems that Valerie Jarrett who is Obama’s puppet master has been helping Obama trying to turn America into a Muslim country ’cause she’s from Iran and she is probably Muslim herself… check this quote out:

Valerie has been planning to turn America into a more Islam country for years and she’s doing exactly that. This admin. has been protecting Islam every step of the way while at the same time, they’ve been shipping weapons and money to Islam terrorists all over the world. That’s how things like Benghazi and Operation: F&F happened. They keep running guns and weapons to Muslim countries like Egypt, Syria, etc. Obama even tried to make Bowe Bergdhal and his family look good and they’re Muslim too.

Uggggghhhh, I’m so tired of this admin. ramming Islam down our throats and it’s getting worse too. This is why we need a Republican president in the White House ’cause we need a real leader who has the balls to say that Islam is evil. We need a real leader who is not afraid to say these two words, “Islamic Terrorism” just like Donald Trump did on O’ Reilly:

This is why Donald Trump continues to get my respect. He’s the only candidate so far that have called the Chattanooga shooting, “Islamic Terrorism”. We also need a real leader who will grieve for the deaths of those 4 Marines with their families and not take off to NYC for a Broadway play.

I know I’ve been posting a lot today but I’ve had a lot on my mind.


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