Are more liberals switching to the right ’cause of Donald Trump? Seems so!

Even though I’m done with facebook, I still like to lurk some of the “like” pages.

I’m noticing that more and more people on the left (or Democrats) turning their back on their own party and switching to the right. More and more people on the left have been waking up ’cause of Donald Trump.

You guys should listen to Mr. Trump. This is what he’s good for the election ’cause he’s good at attracting votes from the left. He’ll inspire the left to turn their back on their own party and this is what he’s been doing.

All of these media outlets and businesses like Macy’s have turned their backs on Trump but that’s only helping him become more powerful. I find all of this amazing.

You guys don’t need to stay in the liberal party ’cause I’ve always despised that party. Liberalism is so shady and evil and it’s so awesome to see former liberals finally starting to see that. I think it’s because liberals secretly supported Donald Trump and they’re just finally starting to admit it. I’m noticing a lot of comments in Trump’s facebook with people saying things like, “Former Democrat voting for Trump” and all that stuff.

Trump is getting even more support from Latino people too, I see. Trump is doing real good. Obama must be getting nervous. I wouldn’t be surprised that Obama would try to cancel the elections just so he can stop Trump from getting elected.

You guys should think about switching to the right too. A lot more people are doing it. That’s how you defeat liberalism. Get yourself educated and research “conservatism”, you might actually like it more. Think about it a while.


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