Obama and Valerie Jarrett… desperately trying to put Hillary Clinton in prison? It seems so…

I’m beginning to think that maybe Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Select Committee was started so they can stop Hillary Clinton before she becomes president in 2016. I’m starting to see it, I guess. How would this happen? It’s simply because Obama and Valerie Jarrett both hate Hillary and they are desperate in trying to take Hillary down. Since Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee was ordered by Speaker John Boehner, keep in mind that Boehner is Obama’s lapdog. Do you think Obama may have pushed Boehner to get a new Benghazi investigation as a way to make Hillary look bad? The Benghazi Select Committee have been going on for a while and so far, they haven’t investigated Obama & Valerie yet. Obama & Valerie were the big culprits of Benghazi, they were behind the whole attack to begin with. It’ll be impossible to put Obama & Valerie in a Federal prison since they are in charge of the feds anyway but they can put away Hillary anytime they want to, though. Benghazi would be considered a Federal crime so it would be impossible to put Obama in prison when he’s a sitting president still.

However, they can’t just lock up Hillary yet… they need proof to find her guilt so I believe Obama & Valerie ordered Boehner to start the Benghazi Select Committee in which Gowdy is in charge of. Hoping to stop Hillary from getting elected president before 2016. Obama and Valerie both hate Hillary and they’re doing whatever they can to take her down. That’s why the media turned their back on Hillary. The media used to be all lovable to Hillary but they aren’t anymore all of a sudden. The media and Hillary broke up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama & Valerie would be successful at throwing Hillary in prison. They don’t want Hillary to become president. Since Obama can’t get re-elected, it looks like… now they’re trying to push Joe Biden out there as a Hillary replacement. Oh man, if Joe Biden gets elected president in 2016, imagine if Barack Obama becomes Joe’s Vice-president/running mate? Think how scary that would be if that happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, though.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens in 2016 and I really hope and pray that Trump wins the whole election so America can be saved. I’m tired of the corrupt democrat party doing all they can to destroy America. Enough is enough!


3 thoughts on “Obama and Valerie Jarrett… desperately trying to put Hillary Clinton in prison? It seems so…”

  1. All these Nuckle Heads, are all the same!!! One NUCLEHEAD, runs the country, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing as president of UNITED STATES, the other one, was Secretary of State, in 2012. And because of her negligence, and her incompetence, got 4 Americans killed. They’re both the biggest liars, this country has ever had. I guess, you know who I’m talking about. BARRACK OBAMA. HILLARY CLINTON. We’ve got a dangerous man, as president, and a dangerous woman who wants to be president. This country has become very CORRUPT, to let Obama, as president, and let Hillary, campaign for president.

    1. Great post and I agree with all of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary gets elected. She may as well be the next one.


  2. How long, and what will it take, to put just another CRIMINAL in prison. I’m talking about Obama, and or, Hillary. Have him impeached, prosecuted. And convicted. Have her, and to hell, with all this INVESTIGATIONS NONSENSE, convicted, and send her to prison as well. What makes these A HOLES, any different than any other American. If it was, any John Doe, or Jane Doe, you or me, they would convict us so fast, and sent to prison. I guess, because, they’re RICH, and either a Clinton, and or a Obama. SAD, and CORRUPT our country has become. -:(

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