Ronda Rousey to star in her own biopic film that’s based on her book…

Well this is interesting… Ronda Rousey is getting her own biopic film. Usually when Hollywood do their biopic films of famous stars someone else will play that famous person but things are gonna be a little different in this one. Who is gonna star as Ronda Rousey? Well, none other than Ronda Rousey herself. Ronda is just starting an acting career and she only had 3 small roles in three films. She had roles in, “Expendables 3”, “Fast 7” and the “Entourage” film. This will be considered her first leading role in a major film brought to you by Paramount Pictures.

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I’ve read this book and it doesn’t surprise me that it could turn into a movie but I didn’t think Ronda Rousey herself would play herself in the film, though. Interesting. I’ll support this movie as I think this is a great idea.

I’m reading a lot of comments by other blog sites and facebook about this movie and other men are trashing this film. Mostly men. A lot of women are huge fans of Ronda Rousey ’cause women look up to her but she’s getting hated on by men. Why? Jealousy is probably why. I can’t think of no other reason. They’re getting jealous that she’s getting all of this fame out of her fighting career and plus they’re getting jealous that she can fight well. She’s getting picked on by men ’cause she ends fights very quickly. They’re blaming it on UFC claiming that there’s not enough women in their roster that could beat Ronda. The women’s division maybe kind of small yes but keep in mind women in UFC is pretty new so it takes more time to get more women’s division.

I just think men just don’t wanna admit that Ronda is a great fighter. Those other women in the UFC had the potential to beat Ronda. It just that Ronda happens to be a better fighter than the rest of ’em. I think men just wish they could fight like her and be like her. Even though I’m a man, I don’t hate Ronda at all and a big fan. She’s an inspiration for sure and I like what she’s doing.

People will accuse her of being money hungry for getting herself into Hollywood and using UFC for it and stuff but hey give the girl a break, will ya? Remember now, before Ronda’s fighting career, she didn’t really have much and she was even homeless for a little while living in her car and stuff. So yeah, I think she deserves to make a living in fighting and Hollywood since she had a difficult life. It is probably why she got into fighting ’cause it helps get her through the hard times. Fighting helps make her become a better person.


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