Shameful, movie fans continue to bash new Ghostbusters women for visiting children’s hospital…

Sometimes you gotta really hate other movie fans ’cause they can be so negative and hateful. These 4 Ghostbusters women decided to do something very positive by going to Tufts Medical Center for Children in costume and they continue to get hated on by movie fans. Really? I thought what these women did was wonderful and all people could do is respond with idiot and immature comments like, “They aren’t the real Ghostbusters”, “I want the original 4”, etc. blah blah blah…

Movie fans and other so called movie buffs are so dumb. It’s why I never listen to them and go by my own opinion alone.

I respect these 4 women even more now for doing something positive so kudos to them. Fuck the haters ’cause they’re a bunch of nobodies.


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