Here’s how Obama can get his third term as president… “legally”…

Now that Joe Biden is thinking about running for president and he probably will, just think if Joe Biden actually wins the whole election. He gets sworn in and what if Barack Obama becomes Joe’s running-mate/vice-president. That’s a scary thought. After Biden gets sworn in, he could resign immediately and then Barack Obama takes over… BINGO, there’s his third term. That could be what they’re trying to plan, ya know?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see anywhere where it’s against the laws of the election. Obama becoming vice-president to Joe Biden, then Biden steps down so Obama could take over. I don’t see where that’s illegal here… I read through the whole thing…

So I believe that’s how Obama can legally get his third term… he can do it in that sneaky way. Scary thought…

Now we might have two Democratic candidates to stop getting elected, Joe & Hillary… we can’t have either of them in the oval office. Hopefully the Donald will be the one to stop ’em.


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