Dana White in hot water just for calling WWE “fake”…

Dana White, the UFC president, just received some backlash just for saying that WWE is “fake”. Really? Dana getting himself in trouble for this? Well, like the old saying goes, “people can’t take the truth”. Why is Dana getting in trouble for being realistic? Dana is speaking the truth that wrestling is fake. If it was real then wrestlers would be dead so it’s fake for a pretty good reason. Wrestlers are all like stunt men. They know how to make wrestling moves look real when they are not.

When wrestlers punch each other, they aren’t actually hitting each other. They are just good at making it seem real, the same thing with kicks and other moves. Wrestling is all theater. All expert stuntmen that were trained to do all that.


WWE star, Chris Jericho admitted that wrestling in WWE is fake many many times. He admitted it in interviews (like in the video below), he talks about how wrestling is fake & scripted in his three books, he admitted it in his podcast shows many times and people never gave Chris any shit about it either. Everybody applauded him for it.

Even though I know wrestling is fake and scripted, I like to watch anyways ’cause these guys in WWE work hard, they’re good performers and I respect them for that.

The fighting in UFC is 100% real though, no doubt about that at all.


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