More on Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia…

I think this fight will definitely be a classic years from now for sure. This is Ronda’s first win with a knockout as well. I just found that out. Look at Ronda in this photo above. Damn, she’s looking pretty ripped. Her arms, WOW! No wonder Ronda knocked Bethe out easily. You gotta love the facial expression on Bethe too!

All day long I haven’t seen one person say anything negative about Ronda… well, after last night, I think a lot more people respect her now. I hope she keeps her undefeated streak for a pretty long time. She could be like Floyd Mayweather and the Undertaker, ya know?

Ronda takes her fights very seriously and she doesn’t mess around either. When she’s pissed, she’ll let you know it.

Aren’t you glad that Dana finally allows women to fight in UFC? I know I am. Dana was never gonna have women in UFC ever but he had a change of heart which is good on him.


One thought on “More on Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia…”

  1. Another thing I’ve noticed is that Bethe’s arms are much bigger than Ronda’s but Ronda kicked her ass anyway. It doesn’t matter how big someones arms are, they can still get beat. It takes good thinking and good skill.


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