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The Obama admin. got Scalia with a “heart attack” gun…

Barack has been killing people “mysteriously” for many years and he’s still doing it. Yes, it is absolutely possible to murder someone and make it look like an accidental death, a natural death or a suicide. It is absolutely possible to kill someone and get away with it, cover it up. It is absolutely possible to kill someone and cover up all the evidence so you won’t get charged and won’t get a trial.

I don’t blame every death on Obama but only the ones that he has “ties” to, ya know? He would only kill people if they know so much about him and they don’t want his personal info to get out there… either that or he would kill anyone just so he can gain more political power with his liberal politics.



How much longer are we going to have to deal with this? Obama mysteriously killing people and still standing? I’ve always believed that we have a cold-blooded murderer in the White House. The Clintons also has a hand in mysteriously killing a lot of people as well.

What will it take to expose Obama as the murderer he is and put him in prison where he should belong? One thing I will admit though that Obama is so good at committing crimes and covering his tracks. Why is it so hard to expose this man when it shouldn’t? Whether you think Obama killed these people or not, you’ll have to admit that there’s something a little off about all these deaths surrounding Obama. As long as Obama is still standing, more people will die under his watch.


It’s a shame to see that the libtard left has no compassion for Antonin Scalia… fuck them one-sided losers…

I understand how libtards have so much hatred toward those evil “conservatives” but come on, man. Why don’t they have some compassion and leave “politics” out of things for once? As soon as Antonin Scalia’s passing was announced, liberals get all excited about his death and right away they’re already talking about replacing him. Politicizing over his death which is so evil and cruel. Speak volumes of who these libtards really are.

It also proves even more how one-sided these liberals are. They’re only on the side of the left and hate everything on the “right”. So damn lame and stupid.

How much do you wanna bet that Barack Obama is gonna appoint a new justice who is black and is a liberal? That way if this new justice gets rejected, Obama can play the race card. Either that or Obama will appoint a justice who is a Muslim or a homosexual. Antonin’s replacement is gonna be any one of those three. My bets are on it.

Instead of showing respect or compassion, they have to politicize over his death right away. So damn stupid and they should feel ashamed of themselves. Proves those libtards are evil and cold-hearted bastards.


Viral video titled, “Not Alone” defends people who believes in traditional marriage…

Who’s ever came up with the idea of this video has got a lot of balls for sure. Of course this video is gonna upset libtard America. They really are taking away our rights in believing in “traditional” marriage, absolutely. I think this video is awesome. Yep, it’s now time to accept “traditional marriage” believers of who we are. That’s why I am done with facebook ’cause of facebook’s gay marriage obsession. I didn’t want to be a part of any of it. We really are getting bullied by libtards who don’t agree with us. So because we don’t agree with “gay marriage”, we get called all kinds of names like bigots, homophobes, etc. It’s just unfair really. Libtards really are a bunch of animals and they have gotten a lot worse.

A big kudos to the maker of that video. Thumbs up on that one and thank you!


Even more on marriage equality…

Well, it’s getting to the point where the Supreme Court is getting very close to the possibility of legalizing gay marriage, ’cause 5 of their justices found DOMA, skeptical, and all they have to do next is to send it through the federal court.

Yes, I FULLY SUPPORT, traditional marriage. I probably already lost a lot of respect from people around me only because I disagree with marriage equality. Oh well, it’s just my opinion and I have that right. I’m sure there are plenty of other people who fully support traditional marriage, too. So if marriage equality is victorious in Washington sometime in the near future, they should expect a major backlash from the traditional marriage supporters.  The traditional supporters will go on an all out protest war against the government, for sure. It’s going to anger a lot of religious people, also.

It is very intriguing to me on how people respond to my thoughts on same sex marriage, though.  I’m not trying to hurt or offend people, in anyway. I think people respond to those who oppose same sex marriage, ’cause it’s their way of trying to get them on their side. Their way of trying to get me to change my mind and have a change of heart about marriage equality. If people don’t want to like me ’cause of my opinion, that’s fine.

And like I said before, their boy, Barack Obama, USED to be against same sex marriage in his first run as President, and you never saw anyone hating him back then. He flipped flopped to win back the voters.  Now he still supports same sex marriage, so his supporters can still believe in him.

I support the 2nd Amendment, and I support traditional marriage. Who cares if my opinion is different than others? I don’t do it for attention or to create shock value. I just speak the truth, no matter the consequences. I’m not afraid of anything, you guys. You should have known for those who discovered me or you long time readers that I’m not afraid to say things that other people are afraid to say. Listen to my past songs. All of my original songs are just as brutally honest, and will continue to have that method in my songwriting.

“Time Bomb” is a song about terrorists and bombs. “The Dark War” is about war in Iraq, and I’ve written many other topical, and protest music.

The world of politics, world news, and current events, is all freedom of expression. Something happens in the news, everyone responds to their thoughts about it, I’m doing the same. No different than anybody else. I don’t have to be on everyone’s side on everything. We all have the right to have our say, even me.

My final words on marriage equality for now, until something happens again. I’ll get back to posting entertainment news tonight.


How are the homeless and the poor going to afford health insurance?

Doing a little research on Obamacare, I’m surprised on how high the tax is, if you don’t buy health insurance, they’ll force you to pay $95.00. As you can clearly see, they’ll raise it up to $695, by 2016.

I wonder how homeless people, the poor and people with low income are going to afford that? Since every American is required to have health care, does this count criminals in prison too?

Obamacare is a crock of shit, all of it, after reading that whole thing. More on this another time… yep, Mitt Romney definitely has my vote!