We just want the media and liberals to stop sticking up for Democrats, that’s all we want in America… it’s that simple really?

Conservatives are not afraid to be realistic on our own party which is the GOP but why can’t liberals be realistic with their own party which is the Democrats? The reason why it’s because of our corrupt media who seems to be taking political sides. The media are the ones trying to make Democrats look good and Republicans look bad. I agree that the GOP is a corrupt party and Democrats are just as bad when will liberals ever think the same? Liberals believe that politics is a black and white world which it isn’t really. Liberals believe that liberals stay on the left and the “right” stays on the right but it really isn’t like that at all. Us conservatives are not afraid to say which GOP politicians is corrupt and criminal… we’re not afraid to say that we disagree with some things in the GOP so we’re absolutely not on one side at all.

I’m tired of liberals pretending there is nothing wrong with Democrats. Whenever people try to expose Democrat politicians as criminals and liars… liberals will be quick to brush it off and then they’ll accuse us of watching too much FOX News, really? Democratic politicians should be held accountable for their crimes. Democratic politicians should receive some “flak” on the offensive things and all the lies they say but they get none of that. To liberals, it’s always the GOP that are the bad guys. I wish liberals would stop blaming George W. on everything. I wish they would stop blaming the GOP on everything too. It’s never the Democrats fault, it’s always the right-wingers that are bad people. Liberals think the GOP are destroying America

This is exactly how a liberal thinks nowadays:

Me: Barack Obama and Hillary are criminals and should be locked up.
You: Well, you watch too much FOX News and listen to too much right-wing talk shows.

I think you get the idea now. It’s all bullshit really and I’m getting really tired of liberals “one-sided” opinions and I totally believe they’ve been brainwashed by the corrupted MSM. They won’t listen to right-wing criticism and they’ll be quick to judge you as a “conspiracy theorist”.

That’s how bat-shit crazy America has gotten and it’s getting worse for sure. I’m tired of the MSM protecting liberal politicians like most people. The media really needs to be realistic on both sides. If the media wants to be taken seriously then they need to be realistic on both sides of the spectrum. If they want more ratings and more subscriptions then then they should start being realistic on Democrats too.

I don’t pay attention to the news ’cause it’s all too one-sided for me. I don’t watch NBC, CNN and I don’t read garbage like the Washington Post or the NY Times. Those are all liberal rags. Anybody that takes them seriously is a naive idiot for sure. I’m not a big fan of the news and the way the media is going.

When Donald Trump gets elected, he’s gonna change it all. He’s gonna change the media for sure and end this “right vs. left” crap. Trump said he’s gonna be a great “unifier”? Well I totally believe it.

The divisiveness of the political parties is pretty disgusting and has gone too far. Nowadays you can’t tell the truth about Democrat politicians or liberal political views and you’ll get a backlash if you do. Tired of it. Time to elect Donald Trump and unite this country!


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