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The mainstream media doesn’t care what the American people really thinks… which is why we’re all getting fed up with them…

The news media doesn’t care if we all hate Barack Obama and don’t care that we want him gone. Instead they like to make him look like an authentic president who’s just doing his job and claim he’s doing it right. The news media wants to pretend we all want “gay marriage” when the fact is that most of us don’t… all those poll numbers of most Americans wanting “gay marriage” are probably false anyways ’cause most of us in America are true believers of “traditional” marriage. The news media wants us to believe that thugs like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray were innocent young men who didn’t deserve what they got when most of us know for a fact that they all deserved what they got. The news media don’t care that most of us want Donald Trump as president but instead they like to pretend that we don’t but instead they ram Hillary Clinton down our throats. The news media don’t care that we believe that Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation is legit and pretty serious but instead the media makes lies that they got busted by Hillary which is a big load of bull.

Okay, I think you get where I’m going with this… you see what you see being reported in the mainstream news in this day and age is not how the American people really thinks. The media likes to make this country look like a liberal country when in fact we’re actually more conservative than liberal. Conservatism is actually way more popular than liberalism in America. Why do you think Donald Trump and Ben Carson’s polls have gone way up??? That really says something doesn’t it? The way I’m seeing it, conservatism is actually pretty huge in this country and liberalism is actually getting weaker.

It’s a fact that the media doesn’t care what we believe or how we think ’cause all they care about is ramming liberalism down our throats. A lot of us don’t really care about “liberalism” and we’re tired of it. Seriously there are more “right-wingers” in this country than “left-wingers”. It’s just that the media tries to make “liberalism” more powerful. A lot of us don’t think how they do at all but instead, the media likes to force their opinions on us and they try to change how we think. Not happening with me, though… I ain’t falling for the media’s bullshit.

The media is doing whatever they can to protect liberalism and ram it down our throats. We definitely are in need of a new “conservative” movement which is another reason Donald Trump is popular and it’s why we need him in the White House. The world doesn’t revolve around liberalism.

The mainstream media shouldn’t be picking the president when the American people should be doing that. We all want Donald Trump as president but instead of the media respecting our choices as president, they continue to make Trump look bad but they make Jeb Bush and Hillary look good. It’s just sickening really. If you can’t see how corrupt our media is right now then you’re out of touch of reality for sure. You really gotta stop being so damn naive and stop trusting the media so easily ’cause sadly there are still too many people who trusts the media too easily. Remember that old saying, “Don’t trust everyone and everything so easily?”. Well the same goes for the mainstream news media. You can’t trust and believe everything you see & read. It’s why I stopped watching & reading the news completely ’cause it’s nothing but a bunch of left-wing garbage. Everything has become too liberal these days and that includes FOX News ’cause they are leaning to the left these days too. Even FOX News is trying to make Hillary look good.

I’m tired of the media protecting left-wing people when both parties should be held responsible for all the bad things they say or do. If you take what the Washington Post says or what CNN says or what NBC says seriously then I feel sorry for you. They are not the best credible sources of information at all.


How to get people going in political discussions: it’s simple really… just tell the truth and be honest as much as possible…

One of the things I’m good at online is getting people going in political discussions. Whether people agree with me or disagree with me, I know how to get a huge argument or a debate going with a bunch of people. How do you do that? Well, it’s really quite simple really… just tell the truth. That’s pretty much it. Just be honest as much as possible. People will either love you for it or hate you for it, take your pick.

For the people who will love you for it, they’ll admire you for having the balls to speak the truth and they’ll admire you for getting yourself well-informed. I know this ’cause in facebook pages and groups in mostly conservative forums, I usually get hundreds to thousands of “likes” on my comment and people giving me kudos, I can go back and post screenshots if you don’t believe me. I get a lot of positive feedback on my comments in facebook in the conservative forums.

For the people who will hate you for it, they would usually rail at you for being “realistic” and they hate it. I look at this as if they’re hating you then you are probably saying the right things. Chances are it’s mostly dumb liberals doing most of the hating. If people are getting offended and doing all the “hating”, chances are they are probably a liberal. Other conservatives have no problem with the things I say at all ’cause they understand the truth better than anybody.

Nobody looks at the truth anymore. It seems that in this day and age… “left wing” opinion is “correct” and “right wing” opinion is bullshit… that’s how the liberal world goes, ya know? It’s called political correctness and it needs to stop. Needs to stop now.

I get people going in politics ’cause I write about stuff that people wanna hear… the truth and that’s what I’m all about and have always been about the truth from day 1. I don’t look at the mainstream media for the truth. I like to get myself informed which a lot of people don’t do these days especially dumb liberals.

Other than that, I know how to get a good debate going on the internet. In my eyes, I don’t think I ever said anything offensive or controversial ’cause all I’m doing is joining in discussions and expressing opinions like most. If people are getting offended, it’s mostly liberals and their one-sided opinions. Liberals get offended at everything these days ’cause the mainstream media tells them to. Again, political correctness, that’s all it is really.

You should be able to express honesty and opinions however you damn well please but the way this country is going lately, it’s getting a lot harder to express opinions due to political correctness.

I enjoy getting liberals going ’cause it’s fun and I have no regrets.

Don’t be afraid to be honest and express yourself however you want to. If you want a large response toward your political topics, just be realistic as possible ’cause trust me, people will either love you or hate you for it. I’m good either way ’cause I don’t do this to make friends. I’m about reality and always will be.


I don’t mind liberals disagreeing with me on things but it would help if they be more civilized…

The problem with liberals these days is how much of a bully they can be when they disagree with you on things. That’s the problem with liberals and why a lot of us are getting fed up with them ’cause liberals are nothing but a bunch of bullies and assholes. They really can be. Liberals do all they can to humiliate “conservatives” and embarrass them. Liberals can be pretty hateful & spiteful toward conservatives, absolutely. It’s disgusting and it’s getting worse for sure.

Trust me, y’all… I’ve been treated like crap from liberals for a pretty long time. Been called every name in the book. Call me a bigot and racist… blah blah blah, you get the deal. They accused me of a lot of things too.

That’s why I believe that this “right vs. left” thing is getting way out of hand.

In the past, I used to love discussing politics ’cause it used to be “civilized” in the old days but under Obama, WOW! We can’t even get into an intelligent and civilized debates with liberals ’cause all they want to do is give us “personal attacks” most of the time.

It’s getting old and that’s why you gotta avoid liberals like the plague and ignore them all. I’m at that point right now where I say fuck all the liberals, I’m gonna say what I want and ignore them all.

Talking to liberals these days is like talking to a brick wall. They are pretty one-sided all the time and that’s what’s pissing me off. They believe their views are correct and factual but any views that are different than theirs is bullshit. They won’t agree with anything that’s different than them and that’s why liberals are a piece of work. They won’t be realistic on their own party and they won’t be realistic on Barack Obama. They only believe what the media tells them, that’s why they won’t listen to anyone else.

Instead of calling each other names, why don’t they  ever join in on the debate like a mature adult?



Liberals are tolerant as long as you agree with them… so true…


One thing for sure, Democrats & liberal politicians like to make this country seem so lovable and there is nothing wrong going on in the country. Liberals naivety believe that illegal immigrants aren’t dangerous people and they honestly believe they deserve to come into this country to get citizenships and all that stuff. Liberal politicians want to ignore the fact that illegal immigrants do murder people, rape women & children and you get the deal. When Donald Trump called out on that, it sparked a lot of controversy but why are people mad at Trump now for telling the truth when people have been talking about that stuff for decades — ya know, illegal aliens committing crime. Ann Coulter has been talking about illegal immigrants long before Trump started talking about it.

Liberals wanna believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and think there is nothing wrong with Islam either only because Obama & the media says so. They believe it’s racist for people to be against Islam but the funny thing is, Islam isn’t a race. When did insulting Islam start becoming the new race card? Under the Bush administration, it was okay to criticize Muslims but under Obama it’s racist. Crazy, ya know? I don’t understand it. I think it’s because people are messed up and they buy everything the media says. Brainwashed by the media.

Liberals believe that democrat/liberal politicians aren’t capable of doing crazy and bad things to America. To them, everything on the left is good and everything on the right is bad.

The fact is liberals don’t like people having views that are different than them. Well, that’s too fucking bad.

Am I losing a lot of respect from people for bashing Muslims, Gay Marriage & Obama? No. Not at all. I get a lot of positive feedback of all the political stuff that I do online and a lot of people enjoy what I do so they don’t take it seriously and personally. What I’m doing is called “patriotism”. I believe in my country and that’s why I do what I do.

If I am losing respect by some people, chances are… they are just a few misinformed libtards who don’t know anything about politics. They just follow everything the MSM says. It’s easy to see that people are misinformed. A lot of people are brainwashed by the MSM.

I’ve noticed I’ve gotten some more conservative supporters of some of the stuff that I do and they love everything I do but either way I don’t do this to make friends.

The MSM is purposely turning people into misinformed voters as I’ve been saying… brainwashing them to get more Democratic votes… that is why liberal media is doing all their best to ram “far left” politics down our throats.

Barack Obama is seriously not the man that the media says he is. Instead they think he’s a good guy and don’t think he’s capable of doing anything criminal when he has been doing criminal things since the past 7 years of his presidency. It’s real sad that America hasn’t woken up about him yet. Which proves even more how misinformed people really are. Barack Obama has been defended way too much and people let him get away with too much. Nice going, America.

I just get myself well-informed and tell the truth ’cause I’m not falling for the media’s crap. I speak for myself. I don’t speak for the media or anybody else. I’m just being me. I just think it’s better to have my own views and my own opinions. I don’t have to have the same views as everyone else. Not gonna happen.



Don’t apologize ’cause you’re getting people upset ’cause they can’t take the truth!

Welcome to Obama’s America.

The age where it’s getting tougher and tougher to be honest about things and express your opinions when you should have every right to. If you’re someone with die hard “conservative” views or you don’t label yourself under a certain party and if you’re fighting with liberals, last thing you wanna do is cave in to them. Never apologize for anything you say and stick to your guns, I’m serious. Liberal intolerance is indeed getting much worse in this country especially in social networking.

When you’re getting people upset and getting ’em outraged… it’s actually a pretty good thing. “Controversy” is sometimes good ’cause it’s worth it to get your voice heard and speak the truth, ya know?

That’s what you wanna do. Get ’em going. Get ’em pissed off and outraged. Like I said before, one thing I’m good at is getting liberals going ’cause it’s a pretty easy thing to do.

You see when you’re upsetting people and getting people going… it probably means you’re winning. Whether you’re talking about Muslims, Gay rights, the 2nd Amendment and all that stuff… don’t ever apologize for being real ’cause it’ll make you look weak… ’cause if you cave in to the liberals, you lost and you allowed them to win. End of story.

When they start to speak out and they start venting out at you… you’re on the right track. That’s what you’re supposed to be doing in a debate. I never get upset when liberals get all over me. I feel proud of it really so I’m good! I must say though that I’ll have no problem defending myself and fighting back at the PC crowd. (Thanks to Donald Trump for the inspiration)

Arguing with liberals isn’t necessarily a bad thing ’cause it’s what you need to do to show that you’re a patriot and you aren’t putting up with the leftist crap. When they respond and start venting at you, it probably means that they can’t take the truth at all. That’s why liberals go off calling you every name in the book like “bigots”, “racist”, etc. blah blah blah blah…

Getting into an online war with liberals isn’t a bad thing ’cause they deserve to get called out and they don’t like it at all obviously. I’m honestly having fun with it and it amuses me. Getting liberals going which is something I know how to do.

I’m not the only one who calls out liberals… there’s a lot of people that do it ’cause why? We’re getting fed up with liberalism is why. Liberalism is pretty much done. We’ve had it. All those famous conservative celebrities such as Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Dr. Ben Carson, etc. They all do a good job getting liberals going too.

Liberals need to know that the world doesn’t revolve around them and that’s what we’re trying to teach them and they’re gonna learn. I don’t feel guilty or regret picking on liberals ’cause it’s fun. They deserve it every step of the way.


When will liberal tolerance stop being a one-way street? Shouldn’t be like this at all…

This country shouldn’t revolve around liberalism, if you know what I mean by that. Liberal tolerance being a one-way street meaning that their views and opinions are “correct” and anything different than theirs is “wrong”. When they find that other people have different views and opinions than theirs, they will be looked at as being “dumb”, ignorant and uneducated. Liberals will treat their views and opinions as “fact” only because the mainstream media and leftist politicians says so.

It’s wrong. That’s one thing that is pissing me off about this country. Liberalism being a one-way street. They have to realize that it isn’t a one-way street. Having views and opinions should be welcomed for all Americans, it shouldn’t revolve around one-side. We should all be allowed to express different views and opinions but if we have different views than the left, they’ll give us a lot of shit for it. They’ll give us a lot of hell and drama for it. I’m sick of it. Like always, I blame the mainstream media for sure ’cause they’re definitely responsible for promoting far-left politics. The media wants everyone to have far-left views and they’re winning sadly.

They have to realize that liberalism isn’t the only thing here. Not everyone is a liberal and we don’t have to be. If we have different views than the left, they’ll accuse us of looking at wrong sources, being conspiracy theorists and all that crap. Even if we’re talking truthful and factual information, they’ll never agree with us. The left will stay on their side every time. They only believe what the media tells them.

We have to do something about the media so every American can be allowed to express views and opinions. It seems that the left is only allowed to have “Freedom of Speech” but “Freedom Of Speech” don’t work both ways anymore.

I’m tired of the left’s “one-sided” opinions and the “right-wing” community is getting just as bad. This “left vs. right” thing doesn’t work and it’s destroying the country. We need to get rid of this “left vs. right” thing and be realistic on both sides of the spectrum. As you can see, I’m getting pretty fed up with this “right vs. left” war and I’m speaking out about it.


There’s a lot of liberals pretending to be conservatives… you can easily see it…

One of the amazing things about the Donald Trump president run is that he really makes me realize that this “right vs. left” really is a joke. I really don’t call myself a conservative anymore. I’ve thought about leaving the conservative party for a pretty long time now and I feel really damn good finally having to do it thanks to the Donald. He really is exposing how horrible both the right and the left really are.

There are too many reasons why the conservative party has been driving me crazy as of late. For one, too many liberals pretending to be conservative and let me explain. Some are pro-gay marriage… yes some of them do support  “marriage” equality and some are against Kim Davis.

Secondly, some of them are also pretty weak at calling out Barack Obama’s presidency. Some so-called “conservatives” knows he is a bad president but a lot of them think he’s not that evil. Like, they don’t think he has anything to do with Benghazi or the IRS targeting or any of the big scandals. Some of them don’t believe that Obama is a closeted homosexual and Michelle might be a man.

A lot of so-called conservatives worship Ted Cruz and I really hate how they love him so much, really I do. For one, Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president since he’s a Canadian. Plus, Ted Cruz backed a lot of Obama’s bad policies like Obamatrade and things like that. Yet conservatives thinks Ted Cruz is against Obama’s bad policies when he isn’t. Pretty crazy isn’t it?

Some so-called conservatives also hate Donald Trump. If you’re hating on Donald Trump and calling yourself “conservative”, then you’re not a real “conservative” in my opinion. For example, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’ Reilly claim to be “conservative” but the three of them have joined the Trump hating bandwagon.

Everybody wants to accuse Trump of being a liberal pretending to be a “conservative” but it’s not true. Trump is the true “conservative” than most people out there and it’s pissing a lot of people off.

If you hate Donald Trump then you either must love Bernie Sanders or that RINO Jeb Bush. *pukes*

Trump is being hated on by a lot of people on the “right” too, not just liberals.

I don’t call myself “conservative’ anymore but I’m still gonna be against gay marriage, I will still support gun rights and will still be against abortion and all that stuff.

From this point on, I’m going to be doing a lot of trash talking and be realistic on both sides. No more “one-sided” opinions from me, I’m all done with that. Seriously.


There is a reason for all this “one-sided” political views, government & media trying to keep parties divided…

You wanna know why there’s always this back & forth “right vs. left” war we’re currently having? You know what I mean… each time the libtard left has a certain view of something whether it’s gay marriage, gun control, abortion, all this fat acceptance stuff, the confederate flag, the Black Lives Matter movement, etc…. the “right” will have an opposite opinion of it. Then they will debate back & forth about it aka “right vs. left” war. It never used to be this way under the George W. presidency but under Obama the “right vs. left” thing is getting much worse. Why? It’s because that’s how they want it. They’re intentionally making it this way. The government and media are trying to keep politics divided as much as possible. The division of political parties is getting much worse today.

Proof of this is that “conservatives” get treated so horribly in America, it’s just sickening. They all get looked at as bigots, assholes and trouble makers. Each time “conservatives” want to have an honest opinion on something, liberals will give them hell for it. I know the feeling ’cause I’ve dealt with so much negativity from the liberal left just because I wanted to state an opinion on something. They’ll call me every name in the book, accuse me of looking at wrong sources, call me conspiracy theorist, etc. You name it. The liberal intolerance is getting a lot worse ’cause that’s how the media wants it. Keeping politics divided.

I think this is part of Obama’s mission as a way to make martial law happen and continue his presidency after 2016. Divided politics is getting horrible. Liberals going after people who has a different opinion than them. It’s just sickening. Media trying to keep liberalism separate from conservatism as best as possible, that’s what they’re doing.

We can’t have this in this country. This back and forth hatred. So someone has “conservative” views… that doesn’t mean they should be hated by the left. I’m pretty sure conservatives in America lost a lot of respect from family members and friends who have die hard liberal views. I’ve heard stories where other conservatives had major feuds with their family & friends and some of them don’t even talk to each other anymore.

We can’t have this. We have to somehow unite and love each other. Stop the back & forth political shit. Enough is enough.


Liberalism can be defeated, we just need a Republican president in the White House…

Was there this many liberals before Barack Obama was elected in 2008??? No. Not that I can remember. Before the Obama presidency, I swear liberalism wasn’t all that bad. I’m also pretty sure many people never considered themselves “liberals” until Barack got elected. Admit that, right? I’m willing to bet most people became liberals around 2008, around the time the Barack Obama election.

How would a lot more people become liberals? Most everyone I know in my life have liberal political views. All their opinions and views are always pretty one-sided. That’s probably because Barack Obama and the MSM taught them how to have one-sided views. The MSM taught people how to become liberals with MSM outlets such as CNN, NBC, the Washington Post, NPR, NY Times, etc. They all promote “liberalism” and therefor, that’s how people become one.

However, there are plenty of people who won’t fall for the MSM liberal crap so they become “conservatives”. Me? I no longer look at myself as neither “conservative” or “liberal”. I’m beginning to realize labelling yourself as a certain political party is pretty silly. If you want to play pretend by all means, go for it. To me it don’t mater what political party I belong to ’cause I don’t belong to any of them anymore. To be honest, the conservative party has been driving me crazy as well so they’re both starting to suck. That’s part of why I support Donald Trump ’cause he too doesn’t seem to be on either side… that’s why he’s thinking about running for a third party. This “right vs. left” war is silly and I no longer wanna be a part of it. From now on, I won’t be afraid to bash both sides.

Liberalism can be defeated and it will be defeated. Why can’t people see how corrupt and evil “liberalism” is? “Liberalism” is not good for the country at all and it needs to go. Which is why need a Republican president in the White House and I believe Donald Trump will be that man. “Liberalism” is getting worse and I can’t stand it.

You don’t need to be a liberal. Stop living in delusional fantasy land. Stop blindly following everything the MSM says. The liberal party is garbage and I’m too smart enough not get myself into “liberalism”.

Ya know, if I was a liberal…if I was that is… I’m pretty sure you guys would think I’m coolest guy on the planet. That’s how pathetic this country is these days. You’re cool if you’re a liberal but if you’re conservative, you’ll be looked at as a troublemaker or a bigot. This is fucked up.

Yeah, I have been pretty disappointed with the conservative side so that’s why I got myself out of that. I don’t belong to a certain political party anymore. From this point on, I’m going to be me. Don’t team yourself with some party, it’s pretty silly.


How Obama is getting what he wants and is being very successful with it… by controlling the American people…

Have you noticed that everything that Obama touches or everything that he says turns into controversy and a huge debate about it will spark all over the internet? How do you think Obama is successful at making liberalism all over the media? How do you think Obama was successful at making gay marriage legal in the US? How do you think Obama is successful at dividing the country? How do you think Obama is successful at the Iran deal? How do you think Obama is successful at getting the American people to believe that Muslims aren’t terrorists and they’re a peaceful religion? Simply by controlling and manipulating us… yes, the American people. This is how Obama is getting what he wants is just by simply using us.

Each time Obama wants something, liberals will applaud him for it. Conservatives would be outraged. It happens each time. There’s three different things that Obama is trying to ram down our throats: liberalism, homosexuality and muslims. Obama is winning at all three of them. How? It’s because we’re letting him win. Before Obama got elected, I’m sure he had a plan for America. Obama probably thought to himself, “I’m gonna ram liberalism, LGBT and Muslims down people’s throats like no one had before. I will win”. So Obama is controlling the media so there can be some controversy and debate about it.

It’s pretty clear that Obama is winning with liberalism. Now it seems the world revolves around liberalism, thanks to Obama. He made it look like liberals are the good guys and conservatives are the bad guys. Like I said in a different post, in this day and age it seems that “liberal” views are looked as truthful and factual while conservative views are bullshit. If you oppose liberal views of any kind and if you disagree with them, you’ll be called a “bigot” or a “crazy” and hateful person. That’s how this country is going.

We can’t have that and it needs to stop. This left vs. right thing that’s going on. That’s why I’ve decided that I will no longer look at myself as “conservative” or “liberal” ’cause it’s my way of taking a stand against this “right vs. left” war that we don’t need. Obama has definitely divided the two political parties for sure and made it a lot worse. Politics shouldn’t be a one-way street at all and Obama is making it that way.

Liberals are too naive to believe into Obama’s and the MSM’s lies. As long as they say it’s true then it must be true (sarcasm).

Obama don’t care about us at all. He doesn’t care about either side. He’s using us and controlling us so he can get what he wants and so he can destroy America. Liberals blindly follow Obama when they shouldn’t have. I think they are smarter than that too.

It’s real sad what this country has become under Obama. Liberalism will get a lot worse if Hillary or Bernie Sanders get elected, trust me. We are in desperate need of a Republican president and hopefully that Republican president will be none other than Donald Trump. The Donald will fix all this mess.