Liberals are tolerant as long as you agree with them… so true…


One thing for sure, Democrats & liberal politicians like to make this country seem so lovable and there is nothing wrong going on in the country. Liberals naivety believe that illegal immigrants aren’t dangerous people and they honestly believe they deserve to come into this country to get citizenships and all that stuff. Liberal politicians want to ignore the fact that illegal immigrants do murder people, rape women & children and you get the deal. When Donald Trump called out on that, it sparked a lot of controversy but why are people mad at Trump now for telling the truth when people have been talking about that stuff for decades — ya know, illegal aliens committing crime. Ann Coulter has been talking about illegal immigrants long before Trump started talking about it.

Liberals wanna believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and think there is nothing wrong with Islam either only because Obama & the media says so. They believe it’s racist for people to be against Islam but the funny thing is, Islam isn’t a race. When did insulting Islam start becoming the new race card? Under the Bush administration, it was okay to criticize Muslims but under Obama it’s racist. Crazy, ya know? I don’t understand it. I think it’s because people are messed up and they buy everything the media says. Brainwashed by the media.

Liberals believe that democrat/liberal politicians aren’t capable of doing crazy and bad things to America. To them, everything on the left is good and everything on the right is bad.

The fact is liberals don’t like people having views that are different than them. Well, that’s too fucking bad.

Am I losing a lot of respect from people for bashing Muslims, Gay Marriage & Obama? No. Not at all. I get a lot of positive feedback of all the political stuff that I do online and a lot of people enjoy what I do so they don’t take it seriously and personally. What I’m doing is called “patriotism”. I believe in my country and that’s why I do what I do.

If I am losing respect by some people, chances are… they are just a few misinformed libtards who don’t know anything about politics. They just follow everything the MSM says. It’s easy to see that people are misinformed. A lot of people are brainwashed by the MSM.

I’ve noticed I’ve gotten some more conservative supporters of some of the stuff that I do and they love everything I do but either way I don’t do this to make friends.

The MSM is purposely turning people into misinformed voters as I’ve been saying… brainwashing them to get more Democratic votes… that is why liberal media is doing all their best to ram “far left” politics down our throats.

Barack Obama is seriously not the man that the media says he is. Instead they think he’s a good guy and don’t think he’s capable of doing anything criminal when he has been doing criminal things since the past 7 years of his presidency. It’s real sad that America hasn’t woken up about him yet. Which proves even more how misinformed people really are. Barack Obama has been defended way too much and people let him get away with too much. Nice going, America.

I just get myself well-informed and tell the truth ’cause I’m not falling for the media’s crap. I speak for myself. I don’t speak for the media or anybody else. I’m just being me. I just think it’s better to have my own views and my own opinions. I don’t have to have the same views as everyone else. Not gonna happen.



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